If you Tag it, they will come

What if you held a convention and nobody came? With Microsoft Tag you can raise event awareness and create an engaging experience that entices your audience. Better yet, Tag’s recognition technologies can help attendees plan their participation and stay informed before, during, and after your event.

Tag at convention
  • Add Tag barcodes or QR Codes to your promotional materials – flyers, posters, print ads, web pages. Attendees can scan the Tag barcodes or QR Codes with their smartphone to view interactive content that drums up excitement, such as videos or interviews with attendees.

  • Pair a Tag NFC URL with your Tag barcode or QR Code so owners of NFC-enabled smartphones can participate in the fun.

  • Use either of our 2D barcode solutions to link people to a mobile site to register and get event schedules and materials.

  • Place Tag barcodes on signs and posters at your event to provide maps and daily schedules. Because you can dynamically change the content behind a Tag at any time, you can ensure participants always have the latest event intel at their fingertips, updated with any last-minute changes.

  • Add Tag barcodes or QR Codes to name badges or tickets to simplify verifying registration, exchanging contact info, and doing lead generation.

  • Post Tag barcodes or QR Codes on booths and signage to provide attendees with details of their products and services without burdening them with paper materials.

  • Use Tag barcodes as a gateway to enter contests for cool prizes. Or how about a music concert? You could link fans to band videos, play song samples, or provide a mobile storefront to purchase the music.

  • Have attendees scan a Tag or tap a Tag NFC touchpoint with their NFC-enabled smartphone after an event is over to provide feedback and get follow-up information and details of next year’s activities.

For more ideas, see our "Using Tags at Events" instructional guide (.pdf).


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