Promote your online brand with tagged merchandise

Putting a custom Tag barcode on your promotional goodies is a great way to extend your marketing campaigns beyond a flat logo or website address. Customers and clients display your Tag barcode. People scan it with their smartphone to instantly see online content such as cool videos, contests, mobile sites, or your online store. And unlike normal swag, Tag's analytics let you gage how effective your freebies are.

  Tags on price tags  Tags on bags 

  • Add either of Tag’s 2D barcodes to your company apparel – T-shirts, jackets, caps, bandannas – to build your online brand and measure your impact.

  • Add Tag barcodes or QR Codes to shopping bags and tote bag logos.

  • Use Tag barcodes on cups, cozies, and napkins at your café to send customers to your mobile site to learn more about coffee blends, join your loyalty program, and get coupons for their next visit.

  • Hey rock star, build your band by placing Tag barcodes on T-shirts and other fan merchandise that link to new songs, music videos, and upcoming concerts, not to mention your website, Facebook page, and Twitter feed.

Adding Tag’s recognition technologies on promo merchandise are like marketing on marketing – twice the results for the same effort.


View Reports on Your Tags’ Performance

Free analytics make it easy to gauge the effectiveness of your Tags