Show your customers where to go

Paper maps are fast becoming obsolete, thanks to smartphones, GPS units – and Microsoft Tag. Put a Tag barcode or QR Code (Tag’s powerful marketing solution can create and read both) on your promotional materials to lead customers right to your door. And with Tag’s Real-Time Location feature, you can show customers your nearest location (based on their current position) and update location information as they move from place to place scanning your Tag barcodes or QR Codes. It's not magic – but it is pretty cool.

Tags on maps

  • Selling a product or service? Tag barcodes or QR Codes in ads, catalogs, flyers, posters, directories, and business cards can link to maps that help shoppers find stores and hours of operation.

  • Hosting an event? Use either of our popular 2D barcode formats paired with NFC Technology on signage and in event guides and registration packets. The scanned or tapped Tag technologies could provide a map of the event locale as well as times for speakers and performers.

  • Want to attract tourists? Tag barcodes on signs and sites can link to maps that help visitors navigate to other landmarks. By using Tags in guidebooks you can lead visitors to your restaurant, hotel, or attraction – and even provide a special discount or promotion.

  • Still into paper maps? Add a Tag barcode or QR Code to link to lists and reviews of hotels and restaurants, videos of tourist attractions, and online coupons and special offers.

Tag puts the navigation in your customer’s hand along with a yellow brick road to follow. The only difference is they'll wind up at your store, instead of in Kansas.


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