Direct Mail

Reach out and Tag someone

Direct-mail marketing can feel very impersonal. With Microsoft Tag solutions you can add the sparkle your mailer needs to keep it out of the recycling bin. Just choose the format you want to use – Tag supports Tag barcodes, QR Codes, or NFC touchpoints – and you’re on your way. Tag gives recipients a gateway to interact with your brand, even make a purchase, just by reaching into their pocket.

Tags on direct mail

  • Promoting a new product? Add Tag’s 2D barcode technologies to your mailers to share more details than can fit on a flyer, plus show videos, store locators, online coupons, and promotional giveaways.

  • Want to build your carpet cleaning or other service business? Use Tag barcodes or QR Codes to show homeowners videos of how the carpets are cleaned or listen in on customer testimonials.

  • Hey Mr. or Mrs. Exterminator, use Tag barcodes or QR Codes to link to a mobile site with a pest identifier and to direct viewers to schedule an inspection.

  • How about using Tag barcodes to link to your restaurant’s latest promotions? With Real-Time Location capability, your Tag barcode could show your closest locations based on where the customer is (and automatically update the results as they move from place to place).

  • Reward customer loyalty with specially-priced gourmet food products. A Tag barcode in your latest mailing could offer them exclusive specials; using Device ID you can even deliver different promotions based on how often they scan your Tags.

  • Build community with your brand and its fans by linking to social media sites where people can discuss your products.

With Tag’s recognition technologies, direct marketing gets personal, interactive, and engaging, deepening your marketing impact and influencing your customers' in-the-moment purchase decisions.


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