Business Cards

It's more than a card – it’s an experience

How can you make a killer first impression? With a business card that stands out and makes people remember you long after your handshake. Using our various recognition technologies, Microsoft Tag can help your card avoid the circular file by making it interactive and unique to you or your brand.

Tags on business cards

  • Customize the Tag barcode to reflect your personality or brand.

  • Enable colleagues and customers to transfer your contact information directly into their smartphone’s address book.

  • Let people scan your Tag barcode or QR Code (Tag can create both) to link to your website, résumé, portfolio, blog, or LinkedIn page.

  • Incorporate NFC Technology so that people with Android devices can just tap your card to link to information.

  • Send folks to company sites, product details, videos, and other online resources. With App Download Tag, they could even download your latest smartphone app.

In short, Tag's recognition technologies on business cards drive people to learn more about you and your business – and isn’t that why they exist in the first place?


View Reports on Your Tags’ Performance

Free analytics make it easy to gauge the effectiveness of your Tags