Tickets & Keycards

Yeah, Tag’s the ticket!

Let’s face it, tickets typically control little more than admission. Likewise, hotel keycards tend to only unlock a room door and maybe advertise the local pizza takeout.


Tags on keycards

But what if you could transform tickets and keycards into interactive advertising venues? Microsoft Tag can link customers to dynamic content, reviews, and online stores. Best of all, your ad stands alone – it’s not in competition with anything else. Every time a visitor approaches their hotel door, they see your film, restaurant, or retail store staring back at them. And because Tags can create and read QR Codes as well as Tag barcodes, you can choose whichever Tag recognition technology best fits your needs.

  • Place a Tag barcode or QR Code on a baseball game ticket that links to souvenirs or a mobile website where they can follow their favorite team year round. If you serve concessions in the stadium, you could use Tags to link customers to an instant coupon.

  • Use Tag barcodes or QR Codes on conference event tickets that when scanned, help people check in and verify their identity, or perhaps enable them to view updated event information and schedules.

  • Drive more business to your restaurant from hotel keycard ads. When visitors scan the barcode, they see the menu or maybe a mobile site where they can make reservations and read reviews. If your business does take-out, the Tag could dial the order number.

  • Create branded hotel keycards with custom Tag barcodes featuring your movie trailers – Sony did it for movies aimed at students on spring break. Even Sports Illustrated used Tag-enabled keycards to promote its Swimsuit Issue.


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