Do your signs point to marketing success?

How can you prevent your signs from being boring, or worse – from being ignored? What if your signage could even excite customers, drawing them into a digital world promoting your product or brand? We’re talking at exhibits, on streets, banners, even billboards. And what if people could literally tap your sign to link to exciting new content? With Microsoft Tag recognition technologies you can do all of the above and more by creating interactive and compelling signage that adds value to your advertising.

With Tag, you’re not just hanging a sign, you’re hanging an experience. And because you can tap into social media and location awareness, you can further your campaign by making it even easier for customers to find your store or make a purchase.

  • Pair Tag barcodes or QR Codes with a Tag NFC URL on billboards at buses and transit stops to play videos without paying for TV ads and display product information without buying print ads. People can access your content two ways: either scan the Tag barcode or if they have an NFC-enabled device, tap the ad to connect to content.

  • Tag barcodes or QR Codes paired with a Tag NFC URL on real-estate signs can entice drive-by shoppers by giving them instant access to full property descriptions, virtual tours, and local information.

  • Tag barcodes or QR Codes on local landmarks can give visitors the full history of that location with videos, audio, and maps – and point them toward the gift shop.

  • Tag barcodes or QR Codes next to exhibits can tell visitors more about what they’re seeing or offer interactive learning experiences, including videos, virtual tours, lectures, and educational games.


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