Print Ads

Bring advertising to life and deepen a reader's engagement

A reader thumbs through a magazine. Page after page of flat, static ads stare back – except for one: yours. That’s because your ad uses Microsoft Tag – a stylish gateway to rich digital content. With a single Tag barcode, you can take readers to in-depth product info, videos, promotions, reviews, coupons, contests, maps, even online stores. That sure beats a catchy slogan, doesn’t it?


Tags on print ads

  • How about a print ad for a movie? All the other ads show artwork and credits. Yours links to the trailer, theaters, show times, and reviews.

  • Maybe you own a clothing store. Instead of still images of models, your ad links to a runway show where people see the styles in action and view color choices and suggested accessories. You could even provide a link to help shoppers order online and pick up their purchases at a nearby store.

  • If you sell a food or beverage, you could provide recipes, suggested meal enhancements, or links to place online orders for home delivery – building a deeper relationship with the customer than your competitors.

  • If you're a car dealer, you could use automotive ads to link to videos of the car’s features and road performance, or give directions to the nearest dealership.

So while other companies focus on the same old, same old, you focus on sights, sounds, and a truly interactive experience that makes people remember your brand, revisit your online content, and tell their friends.


View Reports on Your Tags’ Performance

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