Create engaging, dynamic posters with Tag

Want to make your posters pop and stand out from the rest of the pack? Add Microsoft Tags. Tags bring flat artwork to life, drawing a captive audience into a digital world created by you. All it takes is one simple scan of your poster ― at bus stops, restaurants, stores or wherever. Suddenly shoppers are watching a film preview or promotional video. Maybe they enter your contest to win free products or play a fun game. Before they know it, your customers are involved with your brand and connected to your product. That’s a lot of marketing “oomph” from a small square that's free!

Speaking of free, how about two barcodes for the price of none? Tag and our SDK partners offer the only marketing solution capable of creating, reading, and reporting on Tags and QR codes. So those more familiar with QR Codes can continue using them while simultaneously discovering the unique and unrivalled experience that Tag alone offers.

And to make your brand truly cutting-edge, consider incorporating NFC technology that empowers you to tap into specific user markets such as Android devices, which come with native NFC technology.

Tags on coupons

  • Link exhibit posters to show times, rave reviews, and online ticket sales.

  • Reveal secrets behind your latest perfume.

  • Play a video of your fashion show.

  • Entice empty bellies with descriptions of your mouth-watering sandwiches along with coupons.

  • Link campaign posters to videos of the candidates expressing their views on key issues.


View Reports on Your Tags’ Performance

Free analytics make it easy to gauge the effectiveness of your Tags