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Instructional Guides

triangleAre you getting the results you want from your Tag marketing? Download these helpful guides for inspiration and recommendations.

Creating Custom Tags (.pdf)

Use an image such as your logo or a photo to create custom Tags that extend your brand or just make them more eye-catching. Utilize PowerPoint for easy customization or Adobe Illustrator for more sophisticated Tag creation.


Using Real Time Location Awareness (.pdf)

Tag’s location parameters allow you to deliver a more relevant and timely mobile experience based on the scanner’s geographical location.


Tracking Scans Using Mobile Device IDs (.pdf)

Tag’s Device ID capability can identify each mobile phone that scans a Tag – when and how often – enabling you to deliver different mobile experiences based on scan frequency.


Using Tags in Contests or Promotions (.pdf)

Leverage Tags to create mobile promotions such as contests, sweepstakes, and gift offers in ways that can build your brand, drive sales, and increase customer satisfaction.


Using Tags with Mobile Coupons (.pdf)

Using Microsoft Tag for mobile couponing adds immediacy and flexibility, allowing you to tailor promotions and change them at will.


Using Tags at Events (.pdf)

Event organizers, sponsors, and exhibitors can enhance audience engagement – before, during, and after an event – by using Tag to create more interactive experiences that entertain and inform.


Rendering Tags in the .tag File Format (.pdf)

Saving a Microsoft Tag in the .tag file format provides a hexadecimal code you can use to programmatically generate and interpret the Tag in other applications.


View Reports on Your Tags’ Performance

Free analytics make it easy to gauge the effectiveness of your Tags


Best Practices for Using Tag

Design Tags that scan easily and offer an engaging mobile experience