The Microsoft Tag Creation API lets you create Tags on the web, or from a variety of other devices, such as your desktop or mobile PC, a server, or any of a wide variety of mobile devices. Using the Microsoft Tag Creation API, you can access many of the same operations that are available in Microsoft Tag Manager. Moreover, by using Visual Studio and the .NET Framework, you can write programs to create and manage Tags for your business—including creating or updating several Tags at once—straight from your own desktop.


Public classAppDownloadTag
Tag type derived from Tag that stores multiple URLs for each platform
Public classBarCodeFault
Holds exception information related to BarCode operations.
Public classCategory
Represents a Category container of Tags.
Public classCategoryFault
Holds exception information related to Category operations.
Public classDialerTag
Tag type derived fromTag that holds a telephone number.
Public classFreeTextTag
Tag type derived from Tag that allows storage of a plaintext message.
Public classImageType
Describes the image type into which a Tag is rendered.
Public classMIBPErrorHandler
Provides custom error handling for the Tag web services.
Public classReceiverFault
Provides generic exceptions that have occurred in the service.
Public classSenderFault
Provides exception information caused due to invalid parameters send by client.
Public classTag
Base class for all Tag types.
Public classTagFault
Holds exception information related to Tag operations.
Public classURITag
Tag type derived from Tag that stores a URL.
Public classUserAuthFault
Provides exception information related to User's Authentication, access permission and status related operations.
Public classUserCredential
Holds user credential data.
Public classVCardTag
Tag type derived from Tag that stores a virtual identification card. HasFile is required; all other properties are optional.


Public interfaceIFault
Implemented by all Fault DataContract classes.
Public interfaceIMIBPContract


Public enumerationBarCodeFaultReason
Specifies the Fault reason for BarCode-related operations.
Public enumerationCategoryFaultReason
Enum to specify reason of Fault for Category related operations.
Public enumerationCategoryStatus
Represents the status of a Category.
Public enumerationDecorationType
Describes how the Tag is rendered.
Public enumerationFaultLevel
Describes the type of fault or error
Public enumerationImageTypes
Represents the six image types into which the Tag can be rendered.
Public enumerationReceiverFaultReason
Specifies reason for service (receiver) fault.
Public enumerationSenderFaultReason
Specifies reason for sender (client) fault
Public enumerationTagFaultReason
Describes the reason for Tag-related operation faults.
Public enumerationTagStatus
Represents the status of a Tag
Public enumerationTagType
Specifies the four types of Tags.
Public enumerationUserAuthFaultReason
Specifies Fault reason for User authentication, access permission and status operations.