Real-Time Location

Real Time Location

By incorporating location awareness in your Tags, you can deliver messages targeted to the location where the consumer scans the Tag. The Real Time Location feature returns updated results each time a Tag is scanned, so that consumers receive a current, relevant mobile experience as they move from place to place. You can create or update any URL Tag with location awareness by adding parameters for longitude, latitude, postal code (including international codes), or a combination of the three.

Note that not all third-party QR Code or NFC apps will return Real Time Location data. Because of this, we recommend if you are creating an experience that is dependent on Real Time Location, you use a Tag barcode to ensure your customers receive the intended experience.

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Supported Platforms

Real Time Location is currently supported on the following platforms:

  • Android (where GPS stack is available)
  • Blackberry 6.0
  • iPhone (all models)
  • J2ME
  • Symbian (depending on GPS stack availability)
  • Windows Phone 7 (all models)

URL Parameters

The Tag barcode, QR Code, or NFC URL solicits location information from Tag app scans or taps by using text strings in the URL. When a Tag is scanned, for example, the text strings are replaced with actual location information. In most cases, this allows existing location-specific mobile web pages to be displayed, and supports the creation of new location-based, dedicated mobile Tag experiences.

The following table describes the keywords to use in a URL, along with sample scan outputs:

URL Parameter Description Example
{PostalCode} Returns a postal code URL registered in the Campaign Manager: www.foo.com/?zipcode={!PostCode}
Output on a sample scan: www.foo.com/?zipcode=55126
{!Lat} Returns the latitude URL registered in the Campaign Manager: www.foo.com/?lat={!Lat}
Output on a sample scan: www.foo.com/?lat=47.18
{!Long} Returns the longitude URL registered in the Campaign Manager: www.foo.com/?long={!Long}
Output on a sample scan: www.foo.com/?long=100.18
{!Lat};{!Long) Returns the latitude and longitude URL registered in the Campaign Manager: www.foo.com/?lat={!Lat};?long={!Long}
Output on a sample scan: www.foo.com/?lat=47.18;?long=100.18

Empty strings will be returned in the URL instead of the actual location information if: the user’s mobile platform does not support location awareness; the user has not opted into sharing location information; or there is an issue with the location framework.

Privacy and Location Accuracy

Location information will only be provided if users opt in. Users are given the choice to share location information the first time they use their device (and can change the setting at any time through their device’s Settings options). There is no additional prompt when users actually scan a Tag barcode or QR Code or tap an NFC touchpoint.

To protect user privacy, only approximate location information is reported. Postal code information in itself is not sufficient to pinpoint an exact location. Lat/long coordinates are rounded to the nearest 0.5 miles.


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