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Microsoft Tag technology can connect almost anything in the real world to online information and interactive experiences. In addition to the Tag app and Tag Manager, we offer developers the resources you need to build those connections between the physical and digital worlds in innovative and streamlined ways.

You can request access to any of our free API keys to create and manage large batches of Tag’s recognition technologies and access our scan data reporting using our Key Manager. Read more about the Key Manager.

Tag Creation API

Whether it’s for your own business or third parties, the free Microsoft Tag Creation API lets you create and manage multiple Tags programmatically on the web or from your desktop, mobile PC, server, or a wide variety of mobile devices. Using the Tag API, you can access many of the same operations available in Microsoft Tag Manager.

Using the Microsoft Tag Creation API

If you need to create and manage a lot of Tags, the Microsoft Tag Creation API is the quickest, easiest solution. The API is exposed as a web service, so you can easily integrate Tag management into new or existing applications.

Tag Creation API Documentation

View detailed Visual Studio and .NET Framework documentation for Classes, Interfaces, and Enumerations.

Microsoft Tag PHP Library

Get details on the PHP SOAP Interface for communicating with the Microsoft Tag Creation API from the CodePlex Open Source Community.

Microsoft Tag Developer Community

Post your technical questions to this online forum and get answers from Tag developers and other experts.

Getting Started with Microsoft Tag

Check out this useful introduction to using the Tag Creation API with C#.

Tag Scan Data API

Got large amounts of data? The free Tag Scan Data API lets you export all your Tag reporting data to easily interpret the results of your campaign. Import the data into your existing reporting systems to get a complete picture of your Tags’ effectiveness. The Tag Scan Data API provides additional metrics than what you receive from Tag Manager reports, giving you an even richer view of your Tags' performance. You can also use the Scan Data API to populate data in our Tag Dashboard, an Excel add-in that displays your scan data in a set of prepopulated reports.

Using the Tag Scan Data API

The Tag Scan Data API is a simple way to get information about your Tag activity and combine it with your existing reporting systems to get a full picture of your campaign’s effectiveness. 

Tag Scanning SDK

Using the Tag Scanning SDK

The SDK can create a unique scanning experience. Find out further information about the various types of Tags and the experiences they can offer your customers.

Tag Application Requirements

Learn more about what the application requirements are for the Microsoft Tag Scanning SDK and find out whether or not the SDK is the right choice for your application.

Terms and Agreements for Tag SDK

View detailed information regarding the terms and agreements for using Microsoft Tag Scanning SDK.

Feature Documentation

Real-Time Location

Deliver more relevant mobile experiences targeted to the location where the consumer scans the Tag.

Device ID

Identify each mobile phone that scans a Tag via a device ID, and deliver different messages based on the number of scans.

App Download Tag

Use App Download Tag to automatically identify the type of device scanning it and then download the right app for that phone.

Rendering Tags in .tag File Format

Render a Microsoft Tag in the .tag file format to generate a hexadecimal code that you can use to programmatically generate the Tag in other applications.

Near Field Communication (NFC)

Incorporate NFC to enable simplified transactions, data exchange, and wireless connections with NFC-enabled devices held in close proximity to an NFC touchpoint.

QR Codes

Use Tag Manager to generate QR Codes with much of the functionality currently available in the five Microsoft Tag types: URL, Free Text, vCard, Dialer, and App Download.

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Find additional support resources on all aspects of Tag.

Contact Tag Technical Support

Send an email directly to the Tag Support team for help resolving problems.

Contact Tag Business Support

If you need help using Tag in your business, email the Business Support team or contact your local Microsoft sales rep.

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