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We are excited to announce that we have launched a new Tag reader app for both the iPhone and Android.



Tag once again delivers for Allures Free Stuff Giveaway

Allure magazine’s Free Stuff Giveaway reached new heights in 2010 thanks to Microsoft Tag, which saw the publication’s entries increase by 38 percent with more than 444,500 Tag scans. So it was a no-brainer for the magazine to rejoin forces with Tag for this year’s giveaway that wrapped up last month. It certainly paid off as this year scans climbed to 576,000 and become our first million scan partner!

Once again, readers could download the Tag app and then scan the Tags throughout the issue to register. Allure then sent users a text message alert 15 minutes before each giveaway so they could be ready to enter. Plus, readers were able to scan the Tag on the Free Stuff Calendar in the back of the issue each time a giveaway began. That Tag let them enter every single giveaway on the calendar using their smartphone, so if they ripped out the page and tucked it in their purse or pocket, they could enter no matter where they were.


UNICEF partners with Tag to make donating to the organization easier than ever before.

This Halloween, UNICEF (the United Nations Children’s Fund) is putting Microsoft Tags on their iconic orange trick-or-treat boxes, enabling them to collect donations through mobile phones. The boxes, which have been around for some 60 years, are a way to help give aid to children around the world. Users scan the Tags on the box, which resolve to mobile websites that allows the users to enter their phone number andmake a $10 donation which shows up directly on their phone bill. Microsoft Tag paired with the Mobile Giving Foundation to enable the Scan to Donate technology for Unicef’s campaign. With the Tags appearing on3.5m trick-or-treat boxes, this stands to be one of the largest scan to donate campaigns in history.

In addition to the boxes, Unicef is using 14 other Scan to Donate Tags across its Trick-or-Treat campaign, including on direct mail pieces, print ads showcasing ambassador Heidi Klum, and in its Party with a Purpose kits, enabling folks to collect donations at their Halloween parties. All materials are available for download at Unicef’s Trick-or-Treat site , so visit today and find out how you can get involved.

With all those mobile donations kids may have less change to count but even more to give to the charity when Halloween is over and done.

Tag Insight

Photography giant Kodak adopts Tag

Photography took another great leap forward thanks to Kodak’s innovative use of Microsoft Tag. Kodak launched its Email Print Service, which, like the name suggests, allows users to email their Kodak printer anywhere in the world from their laptop, smartphone or tablet, and have it print out their photo or document.

One of the questions Kodak faced with the new service was figuring out a way for users to easily store the alpha-numerics IDs of their printers on their smartphones. Tag helped solve that problem. All users need to do is scan a Tag that is printed by their Kodak printer once it has been registered on the Email Print service, or scan a Tag on kodakeprint.com, and the printer’s email address is automatically stored in their smartphone’s contacts database.

Additionally, as anyone who has ever used a computer printer knows, it can be a chore to remember what type of ink your printer needs. Again, thanks to Kodak’s use of Tag, problem solved. Along with the email address of the printer, the scan of the Tag also uploads to the smartphone’s contacts the type of ink the printer needs.

Along with the debut of Kodak’s Email Print Service, the company will also now include Tags on all printer packaging and also on in-store displays. Scanning Kodak’s Tags takes shoppers to micro-sites with additional information about the products, including a video that walks them through the major features and why they should buy it. Now that’s what we call complete engagement.

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Lowe's builds more with Tag

Delivering a great brand experience is a critical component to all applications. Thanks to the introduction of Microsoft Tag’s SDK that integrates scanning into any app, delivering that total brand package has become easier. That’s one of the reasons why Lowe’s decided to use the SDK when the home improvement giant launched its new app. Lowe’s, the first retailer to use the Tag SDK, has already been successfully using Tags so this was a natural progression for the retail to take it to a higher level. Lowe’s has already been getting great ratings for its new app.

Customers shopping at their neighborhood Lowe’s can scan Tags to watch videos featuring experts offering step-by-step instructions and how-to information on all sorts of projects for both inside the home and outside in the yard. Users can get a good dose of DIY inspiration with the app’s Idea Gallery that showcases designer rooms outfitted with the latest looks. If they see something they like, customers can find out more info about the product with a single touch. To learn more about the other cool features and experiences in the app that Lowe’s and Tag have teamed up on, take a look at our blog and download the free Lowe’s app.

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We are excited to announce the availability of our newest free service: the beta Tag Scan Data API. The free Tag Scan Data API lets you export all your Tag reporting data into your existing reporting systems to easily interpret the results of your campaign and get a complete picture of your Tags’ effectiveness. The Tag Scan Data API provides additional reporting data from the standard Tag Manager reports, giving you an even richer view of your Tags' performance. To get more detailed information for your developers to implement the Data API click here.

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Tag Tip of the Month

The new Tag app has an updated look and feel and a host of new features, including:

  • A very cool looking visual history of your last 15 Tags and lets you flag and organize your faves in a variety of ways.
  • View other Tag campaigns through our Featured Tags section
  • View content from scans in our embedded browser
  • Easily share your Tag experiences with friends on Facebook or Twitter as well as via email
  • Save and edit contact information

Read more about our app by visiting our blog.


Tag Events
October 5, 2011
Find out why billions of Tags have been printed, how a single magazine issue generated 450,000 scans and how adoption by marketers and consumers is changing our understanding of the path to purchase. This insightful webinar, which takes place on Wednesday, October 5, at 2 p.m. ET/11 a.m. PT, will feature Paul Cunnington, Director of TAG Product Management, Startup Business Group, Microsoft Corporation and Dave Motheral, Director ISV Alliances, Aprimo Integrated Marketing Software.
Tag News
“For its September issue, Glamour used Social SnapTags… In the first week after the Glamour issue hit the stands on Aug. 9, there have been 100,000 interactions, and 25,000 of those occurred in the first 24 hours, said [Jenny] Bowman, of Glamour. So far, fans of Glamour’s Facebook site have risen nearly 18 percent, to 385,500, she said.” – The New York Times
“In terms of added data analytics from the readers scanning the tag, Crichton says that, ‘We can also get a heat map via Microsoft’s reports to see where our scans are coming from. You can zoom all the way into street level with it. As the number of scans continues to grow, and we get more issues under our belts, we’ll be better able to aggregate, analyze, and apply the data.’” –Folio
“According to ABI Research, mobile users spent $1.2 billion on consumer products in 2009 and this number is expected to grow to $119 billion by 2015. AdverTagging is promoting this Scavenger Hunt as a fun way to introduce the community to the real power of this incredible technology." – North Fulton, Appen Newspapers
“’We’re delighted to be able to offer travellers an engaging interactive experience by incorporating the latest mobile tagging technology in our new brochure,’ said Linda Schultes, vice president of worldwide marketing for Silversea.” – eTravelBlackboard
“The convergence of gaming and brand communications are also reflections of today’s shifted consumer expectations from passive to interactive brand experiences. Brands that afford greater levels of consumer involvement deride higher levels of loyalty.” –Forbes

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