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Need more of a personal touch? Tag’s Device ID capabilities lets you personalize your campaign without infringing on the privacy of users.



Tag Powers Up Del Taco's "Real Steel" Sweepstakes

Microsoft Tag got into the ring for another sweepstakes. This time Tag was in the corner of fast food restaurant chain, Del Taco for its latest promotion. Teaming up with Disney/Dreamworks to promote the film “Real Steel” by Shawn Levy, starring Hugh Jackman (“X-Men”) and Evangeline Lily (“Lost”), Del Taco ensured the campaign is a real contender by using Tag.

“Real Steel” tells the story of a boxer, played by Jackman, who loses the chance to become a champion when robots take over the sport. Jackman becomes a small-time promoter who reluctantly teams up with his estranged son to build and train a robot-boxing contender to fight for the big prize.

The big prize for present-day humans, however, came via a beverage cup sweepstakes with Microsoft Tags. Users scanned the cups and entered to win such prizes as an Xbox 360, $100 Del Taco gift cards and free movie passes. The Del Taco Tag campaign featured four cool custom Tags on four separate large-size drink cups. Del Taco has more than 525 restaurants in 17 states, which made this campaign a pretty big rumble.


Tag Goes Virtual in the Latest Issue of Virtualization Review

Tag is high tech so it makes sense that it should appear in a high-tech publication. Microsoft Virtual Academy included a Tag on its ad in the latest issue of Virtualization Review. The Tag, which has a great call to action, resolves to the MVA site where users can sign up to become a member. It’s a great way for those interested in the academy to sign up quickly and have the information they need stored on their trusty smartphone. For more information on the Virtual Academy, please visit www.MicrosoftVirtualAcademy.com or contact Christian Linacre at chrisls@microsoft.com.

Tag Insight

Out and About With Tag

There’s been some interesting buzz and fun implementations going around lately for Microsoft Tag. Aprimo Integrated Marketing sang the praises of Tag in Forbes magazine recently and Tag is part of a cool new concept: FaceCake’s virtual dressing room.

Forbes contributor Lisa Arthur (CMO of Aprimo) discussed how Tags are revolutionizing digital marketing. Some of the key points Arthur addressed in her piece:

  • Think of smartphones as data devices
  • Tags add measurability to the physical world
  • Microsoft Tags differ from QR codes
  • Privacy is respected
  • Tag analytics can be tied to warehousing, backend
  • Tags can be added today to your existing print campaigns

FaceCake’s virtual dressing room launched recently at the South Bay Galleria in Redondo Beach, Ca. It uses Tag technology to help take the hassle out of trying clothes on. Simply step in front of the virtual mirror, scan a Tag and FaceCake dresses shoppers up without them ever needed to strip down. It even offers accessibility to otherwise unaffordable purchases such as red carpet gowns. Taking it a step further, FaceCake allows wearers to “swivel” or share pictures of their choice outfits through social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. You can see FaceCake in action by clicking here.

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This Old House Magazine

Microsoft Tag and This Old House magazine have once again nailed it. The publication used Tag as the building block for “The Great TOH Giveaway” and has experienced awesome results.

The August 2011 issue featured 31 Tags with more than $178,000 worth of prizes from 42 manufacturers, including the chance to win a single-family home (a bit of a fixer upper, but a house none-the-less). Companies such as Moen, Mitsubishi and Olympic Paint all used Tags on their ads. The response was through the roof and performed better than the publication’s first Tag implementation, which appeared in the October 2010 issue.

That 2010 issue, featured 28 Tags that linked to how-to videos, ad sponsored galleries, advertiser Facebook pages and sneak previews of the television shows “This Old House” and “Ask This Old House.” Twenty-six editorially featured products worth $31,000 were also Tagged so readers could scan for a chance to win prizes. That first Tag issue resulted in 77,032 scans and 119,129 entries. Not bad for a first effort, but “The Great TOH Giveaway” has topped those results.

The number of scans in the August 2011 issue increased 210% to 239,191. Unique scans were up 412 percent to 156,760. And the sweepstakes received 685,479 entries—a 475% increase. In addition, the brand saw Facebook “likes” rise 123% to 11,000 over the course of the six-week promotion. In addition, Facebook post views increased 18% to 4.9 million. And This Old House saw a 10% increase in Twitter followers.

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Tag helps Martha Stewart and Entertainment Weekly win awards

Microsoft Tag made a trip to the prize podium for Microsoft Tag and the publishing industry in the world of mobile marketing. The harmonious marriage between Microsoft Tag and Martha Stewart Weddings garnered top honors from Min. Martha Stewart Weddings' Tag “Scan to Win” campaign won the prize for Most Creative Use of New Technology at Min’s Integrated Marketing Awards ceremony held recently in New York. Additionally, Entertainment Weekly magazine’s EW’s Mobile Movie Preview Program, another Tag initiative, received an Honorable Mention in the category.

For the Martha Stewart Weddings' promotion, readers scanned customized Tags on ads in the Fall 2010 issue that resolved to the mobile web pages of the 14 participating sponsors. With each unique scan readers were entered to win a prize, including $1,000 plus personal consultation from the magazine staff. Advertisers also could create their own sweepstakes and the campaign was promoted in the front of the book.

The four-month program yielded almost 38,000 scans, nearly four times the amount that was predicted, and Martha Stewart Weddings is currently repeating the campaign this fall.

EW's movie preview promotion used Microsoft Tag to enable readers to view trailers of featured films via their smartphones. In addition to the movie trailers, advertisers also used Tags in their ads.

Tag has certainly been a winner in the publishing world. This just makes it official.

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Tag Tip of the Month

Need more of a personal touch? Tag’s Device ID capabilities lets you personalize your campaign without infringing on the privacy of users. Each phone that scans a Tag is assigned a unique device ID, and Tag Manager can track which Tags a device scans and how often. Armed with this info, you can program a Tag to deliver a different experience with each scan. Below is a primer for Device ID 101.

The device ID is a base-64 alphanumeric string. It can include up to 256 characters. When you enter the URL in the URL box of a URL Tag, type the text {!deviceID} in your URL at the location where you want the device ID to be inserted. For example: www.northwindtraders.com/?id={!deviceID}

Remember that the device ID that you receive is specific to your Tag Manager account and the Tags associated with it. It will be the same every time that a given device scans one of your Tags… with one important exception: the same device will return a different device ID when it’s used to scan Tags you have created under a different Tag Manager account. If you want to see consistent device ID information for all your Tag campaigns, you need to create all of your Tags using the same Tag Manager account.

For those with privacy concerns, remember device ID is not Big Brother. It does not contain any personal information about the user or the user’s mobile phone. It is an anonymous but persistent number that uniquely identifies a particular mobile phone.

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October 27, 2011
12:45pm - 1:15pm
2D barcodes are becoming the 21st century “call to action” for consumers and readers. Join Microsoft Tag’s Karen Howe along with John D. Fauller of Conde Naste and John Puterbaugh, founder of Nellymoser, as they share insights about mobile action code usage, how they are being implemented in magazines and information about the analytics and metrics that can be used to track usage from the backend.
Tag News
“Tags are both a format and a cloud platform –that means content and information accessed by Tags can be changed and updated. Plus, Tags’s advanced analytics let you know how, when and where your Tags are being used.” — Forbes
"Since our target consumers are active on social media and mobile platforms, we focused on creating programs and content that lived where these consumers spent a great deal of their time,’ Dentyne's Mr. Pulscher said.” — Mobile Marketer
“Now a partnership with Microsoft Tag makes it easier to donate to UNICEF. Instead of pocket change in lieu of chocolate, smartphone users can now scan as well as spook this October 31.” — Triple Pundit
“Starting October 11, select stuffed animals sold in all Build-A-Bear Workshop stores and buildabear.com can be imported into the new Kinect for Xbox 360 game, ‘Kinectimals Now with Bears.’ Each of the four bears will include a special ‘Kinectimals’ hangtag that features a Microsoft Tag which imports these furry friends right into the game when scanned with the Kinect for Xbox 360.” — Market Watch

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