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Tag Helps Get out the Vote with the League of Women Voters of Florida

Microsoft Tag is hitting the campaign trail with the League of Women Voters of Florida. Tag is being implemented to get residents in the Sunshine State ready to vote in time for the 2012 election.

The “Be Ready to Vote” campaign connects Florida citizens to their county Supervisor of Elections office via Tag to ensure their voter registration information is current and complete. The League is offering the program on a voluntary basis to any interested supervisor. Most participating Supervisors of Elections now have their own Tag to print or display on mailed materials, vehicles or wherever else they want to get out the message.

“With three elections on the calendar for 2012, Florida’s 67 Supervisors of Elections encourage all voters to update their voter record, particularly address and name changes,” said Orange County Supervisor of Elections Bill Cowles. “This technology makes it easier for everyone to be ready to vote.”

Various counties’ Tags were previewed at a recent press conference, which when scanned by a smartphone using the Tag app, connect the user to the county’s Supervisor of Elections office. Voters can make sure that their voter record is complete and up-to-date. In addition, a Tag from the League of Women Voters of Florida connects to a mobile site where voters can enter their county of residence and see a menu of options to connect to their local Supervisor of Elections—either by phone, email or in person.

The Florida League of Women Voters campaign has been such a success it has caught the attention of the national division in Washington, which is extremely interested in putting custom Tags on every piece of collateral for the millions of voters they support. Tag certainly knows how to rock the vote!

Tag Insight

Is Tag the Solution for QR Malware?

Recently malicious QR codes made headlines after being uncovered on a Russian website. The codes were placed on the site telling people they led to an instant messenger app that users should download to their phone. If users downloaded the malware they thought was the messenger app, it then began sending messages to a premium subscriber that netted the cybercriminals between $5 and $10 each.

Following this news, the Tag team was asked if Tag was better suited than current QR services in the market for handling this kind of issue. The short answer is yes. Because all Tags are re-routed through the cloud, there is a means of blacklisting codes that are reported as malicious. Since anyone can create QR codes that link directly to a site instead of being routed through the cloud, the ability to blacklist a link and protect against future scams simply isn’t there.

The concern that has been driving discussions regarding malicious codes is a legitimate one and one that Tag takes very seriously. Our platform maintains a backend process with filters and safeguards that help detect and prevent malicious links from infecting Tags. We want our customers to also be aware of the protections Tag has in place to help protect their security.

To learn more about QR malware and what precautions you can take read the full blog post here.

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Tag Turns the CTIA Conference into an Engaging Experience

Tag recently wowed the crowds at CTIA’s Enterprise and Applications conference down in San Diego. As part of their “Tag it to Win It!” promotional contest, CTIA provided their conference goers with a unique way to maximize the show experience with the ease and mobility of Tag.

Rather than relying on the old school paper flyers and pamphlets you normally see at trade shows and conferences, the Tags placed throughout the convention center gave attendees a number of useful and invaluable tools. Tag was able to streamline the networking process by replacing archaic business cards with vCard Tags. The technology allowed peers to seamlessly exchange information and have it embedded directly into their smartphones. Tags on all the booths allowed curious attendees to learn what different booths had to offer and bookmark the info so they could revisit it later. Additionally, there was the attention grabbing hook of the chance to win an Xbox 360 4GB Console with Kinect. Hard to pass up an opportunity like that, especially when it is so easy to just pull out your smartphone, scan the colorful and easy-to-find Tag, and then go about your day.

Tag is always a great way to get trade show goers and conference attendees to engage more with each other and exhibitors… especially when there is a prize to be had.

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Tag Says Thanks for the Memories at Austin Exhibit

It’s digital as high art. “The Tag: We’re It” project used Microsoft Tag “to aesthetically explore the relationship between data and memory,” according to Lee Billington and Lisa Kaselak, the interactive exhibit’s creators. Held at the Flatbed Gallery in Austin, Texas, the exhibit at first appears to be a wall of dots, but when viewers placed a magnetic frame on the wall it created scannable Tags that unlocked videos of people sharing memories. The exhibit also allowed visitors the opportunity to create their own powerful memories in the process. It’s Tags way of saying thanks for the memories!

See the article on PSFK to learn more about this project.

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Tag Tip of the Month

The Tag Scan Data API is a great way to measure the results of your mobile campaign. It provides additional metrics than what you receive from Tag Manager reports thus giving you an even richer view of your Tags’ performance.

There is a bunch of information that you can receive to get the lowdown on your Tags. For example, the Tag services collect the 'source data' for your Tag scans.

'Source' tells you how your users interacted with your content and is especially helpful when measuring interactions from users of our new iPhone and Android apps. You’ll be able to see if your users consumed your content through a Scan, through accessing previous Tag data from their History, or even from the Featured Tags section in our new apps. You can also see how many times your Tag has been Shared with social networks using our new app.

For more info on Tag Scan Data, check out the Scan Data API developers page

Tag Events

On Demand

This event took place on October 27, but is available to watch on demand for three months. Microsoft Tag’s Karen Howe along with John Puterbaugh, founder/CEO of Nellymoser and John Fauller, director of Print-to-Mobile Solutions at Conde Nast, were among the speakers who discussed 2D barcodes and other opportunities in digital content for book and magazine publishers.
Tag News
“What excites us most about Microsoft Tag is it not only allows us to connect with our customers but the back-end analytics offer us insights into the effectiveness of our programs and the way our customers use our brand.” — Mobile Marketer
“The little iconic orange box also allows mobile donations for the first time this year. Donors can scan the box's Microsoft Tag (similar to a QR matrix code) and give using a smartphone.” — Huffington Post
“The Florida League last week launched a state-wide voter service campaign titled “Be Ready To Vote,” aimed at encouraging voters already registered to ensure their information is accurately recorded and to prompt citizens not yet registered to do so before the upcoming election season begins. The campaign encompasses the new Tag technology, suggesting it as a speedy and simple way citizens with smart phones in hand can connect with their county elections offices and manage their civic responsibilities.” — Observer News
“Microsoft Tag is a type of 2D mobile barcode that provides additional data or media on a smart device as soon as it is scanned. What sets it apart is that it has the ability to leverage the native functionality of the device on which it is being used. For example, it can insert dates into your calendar when you scan a code tied to an event, or it can tag your location when you scan from a specific spot.” — PSFK

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