New eMarketer Report on Mobile Tagging Trends

This month, eMarketer issued a 16-page report on 2D barcode growth and best practices. Key takeaways are that there's still a big need to educate consumers about mobile tagging, and that barcodes can boost almost any industry when used right. The report also presents an array of interesting stats -- of the top 100 magazines using mobile tagging, for instance, a whopping 81.5% are using Tag.


Porsche and Tag

Porsche's Window Stickers Get Tagged

Window shopping for a luxury car? You might see Tags incorporated into the window stickers on new Porsche models, explaining gas mileage and other stats.


Tip of the Month
Real time location tags Did you know Tag's Real-Time Location feature can deliver location-based data, like movie times or restaurants, near a certain zip code?

"The magazine is planning to repeat the program in October for its Food Awards." – Folio Magazine

"Clairol's Herbal Essences rolled out a retail mobile campaign and is using Microsoft Tags on its in-store shelf talkers to help shoppers determine which hair products are best for them." –Mobile Marketer

“This spring, the trees in containers sold at Lowe’s garden centers began carrying tags that could be scanned to view a two-minute how-to video on the specifics of tree planting." –The New York Times

“Visit the garden department at Lowe’s, and you’ll find Microsoft Tags in all the plants that bring up information on how to care for them." –Miami Herald


Tag Tip of the Month

Using Tag's Real-Time Location feature and Bing search results, it's easy to give your customers a list of your closest locations. If you’re marketing a local restaurant chain, for example, your customers can get the address and directions to the location nearest them, just by scanning your Tag. Save them time and help them find your closest location by adding parameters for postal code (even international codes or latitude/longitude). Then, thanks to Tag's free metrics, enjoy the insight into where your Tags are being scanned the most. Give it a try!



Woman's Day Tags Its "Golden Snap" Sweepstakes

In a creative twist on Willy Wonka's golden ticket, Woman's Day is offering five lucky readers the chance to instantly win $1,000 through its "Golden Snap" sweepstakes. Readers can scan Tags scattered throughout the May issue every day between April 12 and May 24, and the instant "Golden Snap" winners will see a congratulatory message on their smartphones afterwards. No chocolate-eating necessary (although entrants can certainly do that too).

Having tried Tag before, Woman's Day Editor Carlos Lamadrid is a fan. "We used Tag for a sweepstakes in March and saw record participation," he says – over 1 million women opted in to get more information! Lamadrid passes on some tips to use Tag for a successful sweepstakes: putting Tags in both editorial and advertising, and explaining clearly to readers what to do. For the Golden Snap sweepstakes, Woman's Day is using colorful, eye-catching custom Tags with the magazine's logo set on a shiny gold background, with tiny, confetti-like squares of color sprinkled on top.

In addition to $1,000, readers can win prizes like an IKEA gift card, jewelry, a Kindle, or a six-month supply of Christian Dior bronzer (fancy!). With instant gratification, a new chance to win every day, and a smattering of enticing prizes, the Golden Snap sweepstakes is sure to be a runaway success.




Have a Mobile App? New Type of Tag Makes Your Life Easier

Say hello to the App Download Tag, the new Tag on the block. It can link your audience to experiences based on their mobile platform, so you can connect them to a specific mobile marketplace or mobile site optimized for their particular platform. You won't have to rely on customers finding your app through marketplace searches anymore -- instead, you can direct them to the exact download location for the right experience every time. And instead of printing multiple Tags pointing to different app storesURLs, you can use the same Tag for all mobile platforms -- and the Tag will do the work of delivering the right store URL for each device!

Windows Phone 7 has already started using App Download Tag to promote apps, starting with an ESPN app. Sports fans can get the app on their phones instantly by scanning the Tag online or in marketing materials – no marketplace searching necessary. Windows Phone 7 will be using App Download Tags to promote other apps in coming months as well.

You can create App Download Tags for Windows Phone, iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Symbian and J2ME platforms, and even specify a default URL if a specific platform isn't indicated. Check it out -- log in to Tag Manager to create your first App Download Tag today!



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