New Infographic: Calling All Shoppers!

Smartphones are creating smarter shoppers – so how does that affect you? Our new infographic breaks down the growth of mobile e-commerce, including how people are shopping on their phones, how many retailers have mobile sites, and which demographic makes purchases on their phones the most. Check it out – because by 2015, it's predicted that mobile purchases will total $119 billion globally!


HMS Host and Tag

Nearly 2 Million Coke Cups Get Tagged

Airport food-service company HMSHost had Tags printed on 1.7 million Coca-Cola cups as well as posters, so travelers could win travel-themed prizes.


Savannah Stopover

Watch Tag Rock at Savannah Music Festival

Head to the Tag blog to check out our cool video about the Savannah Stopover Music Festival, where bands play on their way to SXSW – and where Tag helped indie music lovers keep track of concert venues, times, and more.


Tip of the Month
Real time location tags You don't have to be a tween sensation to use a colorful Tag like Justin Bieber did. The pop star used Tag to connect fans with exclusive video.

"The team behind Microsoft’s Tag technology has published a pretty impressive infographic today that details the mobile commerce ecosystem and its massive growth recently." –Mobile Marketing Watch

"Two-dimensional barcodes were all the buzz at the Direct Marketing Association's All for One conference here on marketing integration." –BtoB Online

“QR codes and Microsoft Tags can boost your bottom line." – Miami Herald

"Why make the customer type in information...when she can just hold her smartphone over a code and be instantly connected with great content?" – Internet Retailer

"New browser tools include...Visual Search, which initiates Bing searches via barcodes, QR codes, and Microsoft Tags." –Fierce Mobile Content


Tag Tip of the Month

We'll let you in on Justin Bieber's secret (and it's not his hair). The cover of the pop star's Never Say Never DVD release featured a purple Tag -- and it's not hard to make a colorful one yourself. Customizing your Tag's colors is as easy as generating a black-and-white Tag, then opening it in an image-editing program and filling the black area with a different dark color. As long as there's significant contrast between the dark and light colors you choose, the Tag will probably work (don't forget to test it first). Read our blog post to learn more, and give it a try!



Air Force, Xbox Using Tag to Connect with Gamers

We knew Gears of War 3, the newest offering in the Xbox third-person shooter franchise, was using Tag to connect fans with a preorder site before the game launches in September. Now the U.S. Air Force is getting in on the action.

The Xbox Live community can now access a site featuring the Air Force's custom Tag featuring its logo. Scanning the Tag takes gamers to the Air Force mobile site where they can learn more.

For gamers interested in some real-life action, the Air Force's Tag is a compelling addition to the Gears of War Xbox experience.




JCPenney Catalog: Scan a Tag to Buy the Outfit

In a brilliant move, JCPenney has sprinkled Tags throughout the June 2011 issue of its Little Red Book catalog so customers can instantly buy the clothes, shoes, and accessories they're poring over. Because there's nothing more annoying as a shopper than browsing a catalog, only to find it's nearly impossible to locate that adorable top or purse in the store or online.

A short explanation at the catalog's beginning explains how to get the Tag app and why customers should scan the Tags. Scanning the colorful Tags instantly connects shoppers with "the People StyleWatch experience," where they can learn about the latest fashion trends and get specifics about the tank tops, sandals, and other items featured in the catalog. I don't know about you, but having fashion editors virtually on hand when I'm perusing new clothes would quell any fears about being stylish or how to mix-and-match!



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