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Tag Tip of the Month

Bret DaCosta is the self-proclaimed “Tag Master” when it comes to customizing Tags. His eye-catching designs take Tag to the outer limits, showcasing the amazing flexibility of our technology.


Tip of the Month

The Tag website gets a new look

We are proud to announce our newly updated Tag website, located at http://tag.microsoft.com. It has been revamped with a clean look and feel, much like our newsletter, and features easy to find information on mobile marketing, guidance for using Tag in your campaigns, numerous examples of customer deployments, and tons of resources. We would love to hear your feedback on our changes – send us a note on Facebook or email us at taginfo@microsoft.com.

Tag Insight

Tag featured in session at MPA event

Tag’s very own Karen Howe moderated a panel discussion at the The Association of Magazine Media (MPA) Digital Technology Conference held in New York this month entitled “Tag! Magazines Are It (When it comes to mobile action codes)." The panel featured representatives from Conde Nast and Hearst publications sharing their insights for integrating Tag into their magazines and how it has increased reader engagement and delivered value to their advertisers.

Karen is continuing to pair with the MPA to do future events on utilizing mobile barcodes. Keep your eyes out for future editions of our newsletter to find out when and where you can join!


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Kenny Powers - K-Swiss

The campaign features Kenny Powers from HBO’s Eastbound & Down who has launched a “hostile company takeover” to become the CEO of K·SWISS and promote their latest TUBES line of training footwear. Utilizing a custom Tag that features his “model-like face” in television commercials, Kenny is on a mission to run the shoe company and revamp the sports world, changing it from being so “safe and lame” to “being more gonzo by any means necessary." Kenny tells viewers to find the Tags at Foot Lockers to get “secret content” and enter to win some of “the greatest treasures ever conceived.” The Tags on the TV ads lead to extended Kenny videos, making a 15-second spot into a 5 minute showcase.

Can’t get enough of Kenny? The Tags at various Foot Locker locations from July 15-August 15 help fans enter into a sweepstakes where they can win huge prizes, including three grand prize packages that include a year’s worth of K·SWISS gear. The Foot Locker Tags also link to a mobile site with ringtones, videos, a Kenny soundboard and a digital shoe tour of TUBES.

So ask yourself: Are you going to scan Kenny’s Tag or just stand there getting weaker?


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Kwik-Fill "Drive America" Promotion

This summer Kwik-Fill convenience stores are using Tag in nearly 300 locations across New York, Pennsylvania and Ohio for their “Drive America” promotion. Customers scan Tags to easily enter the contest from their mobile device, allowing them to win $1,000 in cash, a Harley-Davidson motorcycle and a Camaro. Kwik-Fill runs the contest each year over 12 weeks and this year decided to use Tag to give their customers easy access to enter online. Kwik-Fill will also have a presence at nine major summer events, so keep your eyes out for your chance to scan and win!

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Tag Tip of the Month

Bret DaCosta is well versed in designing custom Tags. Since December 2010, he has made hundreds of unique custom Tag designs, blending art and functionality to create striking images that entice and delight customers. And the best part about his amazing designs – the Tags still scan and take customers to deeper mobile experiences to continue their engagement. “I have invented the techniques which currently allow me to create the most extreme 2D barcodes and functional logos on the planet. The Microsoft 2D Tag is my palette,” says Bret. Scan the snow leopard to see a video of a mother leopard and her cubs from Seattle’s Woodland Park Zoo.

Bret frequently posts his latest designs on our Facebook wall. We are also featuring a few of his Tags on our new site homepage. Take a look and prepare to be amazed by his creative designs!

Tag Events
View the recorded webinar here

Tag paired with the Mobile Marketing Association to host a webinar on optimizing campaigns with 2D barcodes. Presenters included Gabriel Weiss from Mitsubishi Electric Cooling and Heating explaining how Mitsubishi has used Tag to engage with customers. Watch the recorded webinar and download the presentation.
Tag News
"With Internet access, email and even mobile payments available to smartphone users, it just made sense to create a Microsoft Tag that would allow people to enter the contest in a matter of seconds." - Mobile Marketer
"Package design has become so artful, it has come to this: Even the barcode, the style runt of product labeling, is getting gussied up." - Wall Street Journal
"The folks at Microsoft put on their thinking caps for this one, integrating the concept of popular barcode-scanning software into their search app by default and then taking it a couple steps further." - C|NET
Tag's "Mobile Commerce Revolution" infographic was chosen in the top 10 mind blowing infographics by Econsultancy Digital Marketers United.
"The new program, a first for an automotive luxury brand, taps into the technology of mobile tags and smartphone tag readers adding rich content and interactive functionality for a high-performance, personalized shopping experience." - PR Newswire
"The campaign includes...other in-store and online elements, including a tie-up with Microsoft Tag that will allow viewers to access secret content." - Fast Company

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