Infographic: The Growth of Mobile Tagging

Sure, it seems like everyone’s got a cell phone – but what are the hard numbers? How many people have smart phones, and what demographic is the most active group in mobile socialization? (Surprise -- it’s actually not teenagers!) Find out the statistics on the present (and future!) of mobile marketing in our first infographic


CoverGirl and Tag

CoverGirl Sweepstakes Gets Pretty with Tag

To promote the brand’s Simply Ageless collection, CoverGirl ran an advertorial in Woman’s Day using Tags as entry points for four different sweepstakes.


Tip of the Month
Real time location tags Want to deliver highly engaging, relevant mobile experiences based on geolocation? Use Tag’s new Real-Time Location feature.

“The mobile tag is quickly replacing the URL in marketing communications.” – AdAge

“With no less than 5 billion tags already printed, Microsoft Tag is witnessing amazing growth.” – Softpedia

“Bare Escentuals decided to link the Microsoft Tag to a video to keep the conversation going with the consumer so that it would not just be a quick glance at a mailer or print ad.” – Mobile Marketer

“Microsoft is seeing big success with its Microsoft Tag mobile barcode solution.” – Mobile Marketing Watch


Tag Tip of the Month

Tag’s Real-Time Location feature means that, using a single Tag, you can deliver different experiences to your customers based on where they physically are. If they scan your Tag inside your restaurant, it can display coupons or specials. If roaming around town, scanning the same Tag could provide them a map and directions to your closest location.(Check out our mock-up.) You can create or update any URL Tag with location awareness by adding parameters for longitude, latitude, postal code (including international codes), or a combination of the three. Try it out!



The Stats on Tag’s Record Growth

March was a record-breaking month for Tag! Here’s the scoop:

  • March 2011 had the most scans of any month so far, with over 50 percent more scans than any other month.
  • Three billion Tags were printed in the past six months alone (5 billion have been printed since launch in January 2009).
  • In the past three months, scans per month have doubled, and users per month have more than doubled.
  • Publishing continues to be the top industry using Tag. Retail and entertainment are second and third.

“Brand adoption and consumer engagement continue to build, with March being our strongest month to date, due to several high profile, well executed campaigns,” said Aaron Getz, general manager of Microsoft Tag. “We continue to have tremendous success within publishing and also see increasing usage by retailers, consumer packaged goods companies, and movie studios.”

Recent campaigns in top publications like Woman’s Day demonstrate how Tag leads mobile tagging in the publishing industry. “We’re adding more Tags across multiple issues as we see increased engagement from our readers,” said Carlos Lamadrid, editor of Woman’s Day. “Most recently we used Tag for a sweepstakes in March and saw record participation.”

We’re excited that Tag is continuing to grow by leaps and bounds!



“Source Code” Uses Tag to Give Away $10,000

How could staring at Jake Gyllenhaal’s nose help you win $10,000? It’s the Microsoft Tag $10,000 Scan Challenge on Facebook. Now through April 20, a new Facebook app lets users zoom in on images from the movie “Source Code,” revealing that each image is made up of a million Tags. Scanning one of the Tags gives movie fans a shot at winning an Xbox 360 Console with Kinect or $5,000 – and another $10,000 on top of that if the app gets 1 million scans. In addition to cash or a Kinect, people who scan the Tags can also win a Deep Zoom or “Source Code” poster. The movie still from “Source Code” changes each week until the contest ends to keep the app fresh and engaging.

The Deep Zoom contest is part of Summit Entertainment’s Tag-based promotional campaign for the movie, which includes a Tag on all marketing and advertising materials, including posters, banners, magazine ads, and TV spots. The innovative marketing has received good industry coverage, including a piece in Softpedia.

What do you think of the Deep Zoom contest? Let us know on Tag’s Facebook or Twitter pages.


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