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Newsletter Archives

December 2011

Tag sets itself apart with our big news – we are the only platform that lets you create and scan Tag barcodes, QR Codes and NFC touchpoints. Better still, we give you all that functionality for free. Check out our advanced reporting and API key management features as well.

November 2011

See Tag’s creativity at the hands of an Austin artist, CTIA’s use of Tag at their Enterprise and Applications conference, and how Tag defends its users from QR malware.

October 2011

Find out how This Old House magazine nailed it with their latest Tag campaign, why Del Taco’s Real Steel Sweepstakes was a knock out, and Tag gets major props from Aprimo in Forbes magazine.

September 2011

Read how, once again, Allure has success working with Tag for its annual Free Stuff Giveaway, check out UNICEF’s partnership with Tag for its famous trick-or-treat donation drive, and see Lowe’s new application that integrates Tag scanning right into the app.

August 2011

Find out how JC Penney is using Tag in both its Little Red Book and its advertising, see how mobile app Pirq is implementing Tag scanning as a key component for its real-time offers, and some best practice tips to ensure that your Tags are always providing users the most optimum experience.

July 2011

See how Kenny Powers is using Tag to rule the world, how Kwik-Fill is using Tag in their "Drive America" promotion, taking Tag customization to the extreme, and the new Tag website.

June 2011

Check out our mobile shopping infographic, read Tag news about Coke, the Air Force, and Justin Bieber, and learn how JCPenney used Tag in catalogs so shoppers could instantly buy the clothes.

May 2011

From the Golden Snap contest in Woman’s Day to Porsche to a report on mobile tagging trends, get the latest news on Tag and the mobile tagging industry.

April 2011

Sure, it seems like everyone’s got a cell phone – but what are the hard numbers? How many people have smart phones, and what demographic is the most active group in mobile socialization?

March 2011

2011 could be the breakout year for mobile marketing and advertising, according to Mobile Marketer, which recently released Mobile Outlook 2011

February 2011

PSFK’s new report, Future of Mobile Tagging, highlights the potential of mobile barcodes and offers great real-world examples for incorporating them into your campaigns.

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