QR Code Art Inspired By Flesh-Eating Plants

Elliott Lemenager
Tuesday, Jun 05, 2012 at 12:33 PM

Yiying Lu isn’t new to the scene of QR Code art but her latest series of work combines QR Codes and nature in a beautifully dangerous way. In the paintings featured in the video below Yiying Lu  draws her inspiration from seven of nature carnivorous plat species; Rafflesia Arnoldii, Drosera, Amorphophallus, Sarracenia Leucophylla, Nepenthes Truncata, Nepenthes Rafflesiana, and the Dionaea Muscipula. Elegantly integrating QR codes with these flesh-eating flowers Yiying Lu creates fashion masterpieces that can be scanned to show how they were designed.



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