Yiying Lu Creates QR Code Badges

Elliott Lemenager
Tuesday, Aug 07, 2012 at 1:45 PM

The same imaginative woman who designed Twitter’s infamous Fail Whale, Yiying Lu, has created a series of badges and wall graphics for NSFW CORP launch party in Las Vegas.  The codes, when scanned, resolve to the NSFW CORP home page, twitter account and subscription page.  I love this concept because we’ve seen great success from organizations using codes at events however, designing the codes into badges and wall graphics makes them integrate much better into the overall environment.


As new technologies (such as NFC)  that connect the real world and the digital world gain adoption they’re still going to need to be imagery that notifies people there’s digital information behind a real-life object. Yiying Lu’s work does a great job at testing the boundaries on how technology, art and symbology can work together.





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