World Largest Tapestry Integrates QR Codes

Elliott Lemenager
Tuesday, Jul 10, 2012 at 11:14 AM

We’ve seen codes used in fashion from shoes, clothes, accessories and more. The needle is meeting fabric again to integrate QR Codes but this time it’s for a different reason.  Scots have migrated all over the world and have often had a profound impact on the areas where they settled. The Scottish government wants to celebrate this by creating Scottish Diaspora Tapestry created by Scots from all over the world. Not only are they trying to collect a wide variety of stories to pass down to future generations the Scottish government is planning on making the this tapestry the longest in the world.




The decision to use QR Codes in the tapestry is in hopes to merge tradition with technology. With the goal of the tapestry to be passed down to future generations the project's hope is the technology will help connect these upcoming generations to old traditions. The QR Codes that are being woven in will link to background information of the different stories that are collected in the tapestry. I think this is a great way to preserve historic information in a merging of the old and new. Do you see QR Codes being used in other old traditions that can help bridge the gap of the digital and analog generations?


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