What Agencies Like About Tag

Jackie Micucci
Wednesday, Oct 19, 2011 at 3:00 PM

This week we’ve been talking about what Tag can bring to the table and how it can help take a mobile marketing campaign to the next level. Tag’s versatility and ability are why some agencies have embraced the technology. Tag sat down and talked to Chris Valentino, partner and executive creative director at Motive NYC, to find out why his agency likes working with Tag.

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“When we approach any project we always look to find uniquely engaging ways to incorporate technology that makes sense and not just an add-on, but will enhance the project,” explains Valentino. “With the increased consumers awareness of QR codes and the perception of what they can do, integrating Tag can be an effective extension of any campaign. It can offer a brand many advantages over standard QR, from analytics to unique branding. Augmented Reality (AR) campaigns are a cornerstone of our business and what’s unique with Tag over QR design is it’s much more stable for image recognition and quicker to connect. From an AR standpoint, it’s great because you have the ability to customize a Tag and get added information and benefit.”

Other aspects of Tag that can help a campaign:

  • “The quality of Tag and its form allows for a really clean scan. If we have a Tag on a postcard we can integrate 3D images into the AR and Tag’s unique design keeps the tracking and positioning clean. With AR it has to work and work on the scan or you will lose the audience.  Tag has been an effective trigger.”
  • “It give us unique and important data; we know who is scanning from a demographics standpoint as well as when and the device info.”
  • “There are other innovative ways to use Tag, not just as a trigger mechanism to launch a web page, but as a creative tool to engage users in scanning and creating a fun event.”

As 2D barcodes become more commonplace in big cities such as New York and Los Angeles and more tech-centric cities such as San Francisco and Seattle, people are familiar with what they can do and are more compelled to scan. “They are more readily available and more easily recognized,” says Valentino. They are being integrated on things such as building permits.”

The publishing industry has done a lot to help get the general public familiar and comfortable with 2D barcodes, notes Valentino. “Magazines are helping with the educational process,” he says “They have added a benefit for the reader. Especially when they are being used in contests, it really propels the reader to want to scan.”

One big factor to keep in mind, says Valentino, is the user experience. “What gets them to scan and what the reward for scanning is,” he explains. “It’s a mechanism to adventure. It gives people a reason to engage with a brand. Our mobile scavenger hunt platform is a great example. It’s a daily hunt engagement campaign. It’s a fun and innovative way to implement Tag. If you give people information on how to engage with a game and platform and have a system of rewards, you will continue to generate more scans and awareness around the technology.”

And let’s face it; the whole point is to create a more engaging experience for your users.

What other ways can Tag help a mobile campaign? Let us know with your comments below or on Facebook or Twitter.


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