Custom QR Codes, Qr Code city and a QR Code Graduation

Elliott Lemenager
Friday, May 25, 2012 at 10:44 AM

Custom QR Codes

Bret DaCosta one of our highly engaged community members specializes in creating custom 2d barcodes. His focus in the past has been creating customized Microsoft Tag’s however, since the launch of QR Codes on the Tag platform, Bret has created some mind boggling custom QR Codes that are worth of sharing with everyone. If you have any questions on how Bret created these custom QR Codes reach out to him directly, he's full of good tips and ideas.


custom qr code


microsoft tag custom qr code


QR Code City

Monmouthpedia is a project in a town south of wales to add QR Codes.  The town is Monmouth and in a six-month initiative they have affixed QR codes to their notable landmarks, organizations and even people which link to Wikipedia entries on each. One of my favorite parts about this project is the back end content is dynamic anyone who scans the QR Code and update the page. Now tourist from all over the world can explore the city in a whole new way.


QR Code City


QR Code Graduation

With college graduates stepping into a competitive job market being creative and making yourself stand out amongst your competition is important. Amanda Jonovski, a graphic designer major at Notre Dame, used a QR Code to set herself apart from the pack. The QR Code links to her personal website and online portfolio.I'm not sure if she's landed a job yet but I know that this story was featured on ABC News. Now that's some pretty solid exposure for a recent college grad!


qr code graduation cap

 What other great implementation have you seen in the past week? Let me know and keep a lookout for great qr code campaigns that are being released next week.


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