Weave QR codes into the fabric of your PR strategy

Jeffrey Tiefenthaler
Friday, Jan 25, 2013 at 9:51 AM
Dita Von Tesse dresses

Fashion statement? Maybe not, but QR codes stitched into the fabric of clothing apparel are no exception to the wide array of uses marketers have for these 2d barcodes. Model, actress and Australian based designer, Von Tesse has done exactly that with 10 of her dresses, stitching the QR code into the fabric and linking customers to her social media sites, read story. Increasingly, QR codes are woven into the fabric of marketing strategies, helping diversify communication channels, and connect retailers with more customers, see more about apparel tags! 

QR codes can also help curve the focus on price-wars between brick-and-mortar and online shopping centers. A growing trend in the industry, called “Showrooming”, is a tactic used by consumers with smartphones to sample and research the product in the store with intent to buy it online for less. To curve this trend, companies are linking QR codes to in-store products and offering discounts for goods purchased in store rather than online. Customers who scan QR codes with their mobile devices can receive special discount prices.  This is helping some companies put the focus back on the product rather than fighting price wars with online retailers. Read more on fashion tags.

What you can do as a retailer. Get started and create your own 2d barcodes with Microsoft Tag. It’s easy, just go to the website and begin! Click here to download the Microsoft Tag Implementation Guide.

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