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Holly Richmond
Tuesday, Mar 29, 2011 at 3:00 PM



Want to know about tomorrow’s technology today? So did the 17,000 attendees of SXSW Interactive in Austin earlier this month. Before the annual music festival kicks off, the week-long technology and media conference draws digital thinkers for presentations and schmoozing about the latest trends in mobile apps, gaming, electric cars, and more.


Trends research and innovation site PSFK held a panel on the future of mobile marketing – and even if you didn’t fly to Texas, you can get the scoop by watching these two videos.


This one is a session with Mathew Ray of Crispin Porter + Bogusky, Nik Badminton of Tribal DDB, Robin Lanahan of Microsoft Tag, Mark Mulhern of JWT, and John Puterbaugh of Nellymoser:


Some tidbits:


  • Mobile tagging can interact with the environment someone is in, rather than just being a URL. (Mathew Ray)
  • Tribal DDB made wrappers to go on newspapers, with a Facebook-like interface and mobile barcodes. They got 15,000 scans within two days. (Nik Badminton)
  • In mobile tagging, it’s important to create both a great back-end and front-end experience, rather than just focusing on one. (Robin Lanahan)
  • Mobile tags will be to mobile what URLs were to the internet. (John Puterbaugh)

      And this one is a session with Noah Brier of The Barbarian Group, Renee Alexander Hamilton of UNICEF, Faris Yakob of MDC Partners, and Aaron Sedlak of Sarkissian Mason. Crank up your volume:

      Some tidbits:

      • People are looking for value in ads, not just something flashy. (Renee Alexander Hamilton)
      • People know what’s most relevant to them, so let them choose their inroad into your brand, whether it’s mobile or something else. (Aaron Sedlak)
      • Your phone knows a lot about you. If a movie promotion features two trailers, one highlighting the movie’s action and one highlighting its love story, you shouldn’t even have to choose the most relevant movie trailer for you. (Noah Brier)
      • Mobile means we can take great content and filter it by location. If you’re in a museum and pop in your phone’s earpiece, you could hear different, relevant info based on which painting you’re standing in front of. (Aaron Sedlak)


      Did you catch these panels at SXSW -- or did you learn anything new from the videos? Let us know in the comments below or on Tag’s Facebook or Twitter pages.


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