Massive Orange Create QR Code By Volkswagen

Elliott Lemenager
Thursday, May 31, 2012 at 10:57 AM

Volkswagen has been embracing QR Codes for some time now but their latest QR Code campaign is quite innovative. Using orange crates, the Volkswagen team created a massive QR Code in one of the world’s largest wholesale markets in Central de Abast, Mexico. Even though the massive QR code is amazing my favorite part about this campaign is the backend experience. When people pass by and scan the QR Code a video appears continuing the story of the monolith that you’re staring at. Even if you scan the image of the QR Code on the web the image comes to life as a Volkswagen Crafter drives up from behind the QR code and dismantles the orange creates, loading them in to demonstrate the Crafter’s cargo capacity. If you’re interested in seeing this video yourself pause the video when the QR Code is completed and scan it with your Microsoft Tag Reader.



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