Using Tag to Engage Attendees

Rachel Tamigniaux
Tuesday, Oct 18, 2011 at 10:00 AM

Microsoft Tag has a way of cropping up in some of the most interesting spaces from large, multi-national trade conventions to your neighborhood block party. Tag allows for event organizers to better connect with their audiences by adding the invaluable element of interactivity.

As anyone who has been to one will know, trade shows and conferences can be draining on attendees. In the midst of multi-hour blocks of booth browsing, aisle walking, and breakout sessions, catching and maintaining potential client interest can seem daunting. But with the engaging and motivating nature of a tool like Microsoft Tag, you are sure to not only grab someone’s attention, but also keep their interest long after they head on home for the day. Tag breaks the mold by incorporating itself into the very landscape of a trade show and also lets your potential customers take your ideas and your experience with them when they leave.

A few examples of how Tag can be used to create an engaging, game-like experience for clients to take with them from an event include scavenger or clue hunts, passport-style check-ins, sweepstakes or contests, and even point accrual competition for various tempting incentives. As always, it’s important to keep in mind the needs of the audience who would engage in an experience like this as well as the business objectives of the tool.

The Wow Factor

Most recently, Microsoft Tag was seen wowing the crowds at CTIA’s Enterprise and Applications conference down in San Diego. As part of their “Tag it to Win It!” promotional contest, CTIA provided their conference goers with a unique way to maximize the show experience with the ease and mobility of Tag.

Tag poster image

Rather than relying on the old fashion paper flyers and pamphlets that you would usually see at trade shows and conferences, the numerous Tags placed throughout the convention center provided people with a number of useful and invaluable tools. Among these tools that were made available was a scan that provided direct access to the CTIA Show App, another that allowed scanners to exchange contact information with their fellow attendees, a number of Tags that provided additional information from specific exhibitors, and of course the attention grabbing hook of the chance to win an Xbox 360 4GB Console with Kinect. Hard to pass up an opportunity like that, especially when it is so easy to just pull out your mobile, scan the colorful, easy to find Tag, and go about your day.

Breaking Away

Another example of Tag in action on the conference scene is the 2011 CompTIA Breakaway conference. The non-profit IT certification CompTIA used a clever Booth Tag to generate excitement, fun and engagement. Each exhibitor booth had individual game accounts created in the BoothTag mobile web app, simultaneously giving each their own personal Tag. Attendees scanned not only exhibitor Tags but other attendee Tags as well to gain points toward some very tempting prize packages. Tag not only provided scanners with information about exhibitors, web links to documents or videos, at the scan of each Tag, attendees and exhibitors exchanged information automatically. Tag became the ultimate networking tool. Like I said, pretty clever.

Breakaway sign image

Maintaining Engagement

The latest annual Tech Ed North America conference was made even more engaging with the help of Tag created digital content and social experiences. Attendees used their smartphones to stay connected prior to, after and during the actual event. The Tech Ed mobile site provided scanners with conference schedules, more information about Microsoft technologies, the ability to exchange info about various featured products and the event, and even allowed them to participate in an exciting scavenger hunt.

Tag also cropped up at Mexico’s largest annual gathering of IT professionals, Campus Party. Attendees were sent on Quest for 40 special Tags hidden throughout the convention center. Once the week-long event came to an end, about 2,000 of the 7,000 attendees had participated in the hunt. The promotion was so popular that during the event a number of other companies approached the promotion’s organizers to become sponsors.

Green Tag image

And those are just a few examples of how Tag can create a more fun and engaging experience for the typical trade show or conference. What other ways can Tag help build engagement among attendees at events? Let us know with your comments below or on Facebook or Twitter.


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