Using Mobile Tagging for Group Deals

Elliott Lemenager
Thursday, Feb 24, 2011 at 10:00 PM

Mockup of using Tag with Group Deals


Groupon, LivingSocial, and other group-buying sites have been the rage of the web for the past year. People love great deals, and this trend inspired today’s Tag Mockup: group deals using mobile tagging.


I’m a huge fan of group-buying programs; I even used one for a vacation last weekend. However, I see room for improvement, in particular by using geolocation and social networks to activate group deals. Here are some group-buying issues I think could be addressed with mobile tagging:

  • You don’t choose the deal.
  • The deals you like aren’t always available.
  • Companies must go through an approval process to offer their deal.
  • Geolocation and social technologies aren’t leveraged in existing group-buying programs.


For group deals using mobile tagging, our Tag team came up with the idea that bars could place a Microsoft Tag inside their place of business. When a customer scans the 2D barcode with their smartphone, they’re taken to a mobile site to either start or partake in the group deal.


The specific offer would vary from business to business, but in this example, a bar will extend its Happy Hour if 25 people scan the Tag during the normal Happy Hour. Once the customer is on the mobile site, they can use geolocation and their social networks to invite friends to the bar, where they also scan the Tag and help reach the goal for a Happy Hour extension.


Mockup Group Deal Mobile Experience


Using geolocation and social networking to unlock a group deal could increase foot traffic on slow nights or entice customers to stay on a busy one. Other reasons we like this idea:

  • If multiple group deals with mobile tagging are nearby, you can pick when, where, and which deal you want.
  • If you like a deal at a bar, shop, or restaurant, you can easily activate it with your social network.
  • With geolocation, you can identify which friends are physically near you to join in the fun.
  • Any company can set up group deals with Tags anytime, anywhere, and control the frequency of the deals.
  • Most of all, it puts the “group” back into group deals.

When you explore ideas for tagging group deals, be sure to keep Tag features such as Real Time Location and Device ID in mind. They'll give you even more flexibility (and analytics) to create the perfect group deal for your customers. 


What do you think about using mobile tagging for group deals? What kind of deals would you like to see? Let us know in the Comments below or on Tag’s Facebook or Twitter pages.


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