Two Tips for Developing a Creative QR Code Campaign

Elliott Lemenager
Tuesday, May 15, 2012 at 12:39 PM

QR Codes are a great way to personally connect to your customers. However, with the growth of companies using QR Codes in their marketing materials and campaigns how do you stand out from your competition? Well, today I have two examples that will hopefully get your creative juices flowing on how to develop a creative and engaging QR Code campaign.


First off, the physical QR Code that your customers will scan with their smartphone is not limited to being printed on a piece of paper. A QR Code can be created from just about anything that can live in our three-dimensional world. Box’s latest campaign is a great example on how QR Codes can be presented to consumers in a creative way.



And if you’re curious on how they built this creative QR Code here’s a time lapse video of the steps Box went through to create this functioning piece of QR Code art.



So if you already have a creative idea on how to present the physical QR Code to your consumers you need to think about the backend experience that you’re creating after a user scans your QR Code. Which leads us to my second tip - make it personal!


Pirq is a great example on how you can offer personalized offers to your consumers. The following video shows off their new redesign and yes, they have integrated the Microsoft Tag Scanning SDK so their app can read QR Codes, Tags and NFC chips



What other elements make a creative QR Code campaign? And if you haven’t created a QR Code before try it out with our QR Code Generator.


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