Transform your Mobile Phone into a Mobile Wallet with MasterPass

Jeffrey Tiefenthaler
Monday, Feb 25, 2013 at 5:00 PM

As our lives get more ingrained with technology some companies are realizing the potential that can be harnessed when utilizing certain innovations like Near Field Communication (NFC). That's why MasterCard is launching MasterPass, a one-stop-touch-point for online and in-store checkout. The idea behind the technology solution is to offer shoppers an easy, flexible way to buy products from various locations by tapping one's mobile device against an NFC terminal or using a dedicated checkout button on a website. 

Incorporating NFC technology into eCommerce and in-store infrastructure does two valuable things for your company. That is, increases shopping efficiency, and give shoppers a unique experience through apps that quickly bring a sale-to-close. We've already experienced this evolution with robotic sales teams replacing tellers and transactions happening on the spot rather than in a line. Read the 51 companies that are changing the way we shop.   

MasterPass example of NFC

Tapping a mobile phone on a NFC touch-point can open a variety of digital experiences, from paying in one easy motion to receiving product information through links, video or pictures.  

What is NFC Technology

NFC stands for Near Field Communication. It was built upon current RFID technology and creates two way communication between endpoints, like a mobile phone and a bar-code, that are in close proximity.  Phones and hand held devices that are NFC enabled can receive data from NFC sensors by tapping the phone to NFC touch-points, see image below for touch-point examples and read more on understanding the possibilities of NFC

NFC Touchpoints

Why use Microsoft Tag NFC

  • Be on the cutting-edge of technology and incorporate these into your campaigns.
  • Create a unique user experience.    
  • Track location and interaction metrics with reporting tools. 

For more helpful information on creating NFC and developer instruction visit the Microsoft Tag website

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