Tools for Mobile-Friendly Tag Experiences

Rachel Tamigniaux
Monday, Jul 11, 2011 at 10:50 AM

This week we thought we would do a quick comparison of a few mobile authoring tools to help you optimize your web content for mobile viewing.  2-D barcodes such as Microsoft Tag thrive when combined with programs like iFlyMobi, Onbile, and bMobilized, which will present your content in a more efficient and mobile friendly way.


As more people are accessing the web with their smart phones and tools like Tag, iFlyMobi allows users to easily create and build mobile websites with the goal of helping you to reach out to that growing audience of smart-phone users. With direct and easy to understand access to the content, as well as a number of vertically-based templates, iFlyMobi gives you complete control over exactly what your viewers see when they visit your site.  iFly also provides users with real-time reports of site visits, spikes over different periods of time, and whether your QR Codes are helping to increase the traffic to your site.  Prices start at $6.99 per month and vary depending on the number of pages you need and whether or not there’s an iFlyMobi ad in the footer.   



Onbile is a free mobile-optimizing platform which is super easy to use. They say that in just 5 minutes you can customize your design, add or remove sections or pages, pictures or text, and paste a code in your index page. One, two, three and you’re done! Onbile also offers a number of customizable templates to help get you started.  Onbile template builder



bmobilized takes a bit of a different approach. You can enter your already established web domain on their site and bMobilized automatically converts an existing website into a smart phone friendly and fast mobile version of your site. A variety of easy to use tools help to tailor the design, menu and content to meet your needs.  While the monthly price for bMobilized is $19.99, there is no limit to the number of pages you can create and they provide automatic updating so any changes to the original website will automatically be updated on your mobile version.


So depending on your needs and your price range, take a look at these and other web tools like them to make sure that your content is easy to access and great to look at as a mobile website.

Do you know of other tools we should include? Let us know in comments or on Facebook or Twitter.

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  • Jason Pinto

    07/25/2011 , 8:17 AM
    Hi Rachel, I just wanted to say thank you very much for including interlinkONE's iFlyMobi product in this article. I am an employee there, and I promise you this --- we greatly appreciate it! Jason


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