Timberland and Microsoft Tag

Elliott Lemenager
Thursday, May 03, 2012 at 10:18 AM

When you think quality 2dbarcode marketing a brand commonly associated with rugged boots might not be your first thought however, Timberland is doing just that. Timberland has been using Microsoft Tag and QR codes for quite some time now and they’re doing a great job executing their campaigns. What make them different? Personally I think it’s their approach. “The goal of the QR code is to drive consumer engagement but also deliver a utility,” said Brian McGovern, senior manager of North America marketing at Timberland, Stratham, NH. Instead of implementing 2dbarcodes into their marketing efforts just to look tech-savvy to their customers, Timberland is focusing delivering value added content to their customers. Here’s a couple take away from some of their latest 2dbarcode implementations.


Timberland does a great job with their creatives. They’re using Timberland branded Microsoft Tags, clear call to action on how to download the reader and what the experience will be once the reader scans the Tag.


Timberland Microsoft Tag implementations



Personal Content

I’ve posted many times on the importance of personal content for mobile experience (add link) but without fail there’s many codes that I still scan that lead to just a regular website and sometimes it’s not even mobile optimized. The video below come from scanning one of Timberland’s QR code implementations and right off the bat you’ll see how they put a personal touch to their video. I think this is the first 2dbarcode experience that I’ve seen where you’re actually greeted and thanked for taking the time to scan the code.



Are there other 2d barcode campaigns that you think stand out from the crowd? Let me know on Facebook and Twitter!


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