This Week in Tag: Retail

Nick Martin
Friday, Oct 07, 2011 at 3:00 PM

With the holidays just around the corner the Tag team spent this week offering tips and best practices in mobile for retailers. Our week was kicked off by veteran retail and consumer products writer, Caletha Crawford who offered her vision for the future of retail. From there we ran with some ideas that Caletha outlined and offered tips and ideas on:

Every week I highlight stars of the community that are impacting the way people view the Tag platform. I also surface conversations taking place around the web that relate to the 2D barcode space. Let’s start by recognizing the people who are doing some innovative things in the space:

Community Showcase

JayCee Botha & Brettian Productions, Marketing Materials

marketing materials image

JayCee Botha is using some of the more advanced features in the Tag platform to create unique experiences for his clients. His latest implementation with Brettian Productions uses Tag in a variety of marketing materials so users can get product info, watch trailers and purchase products directly from their mobile device.

Bret DaCosta, Steve Jobs Custom Tag

Steve Jobs Tag

In memory of Steve Jobs, Bret DaCosta created a great custom Tag. It was tastefully done and was appreciated by more than just the Tag community. In fact, Roger Smolski of 2D-code.co.uk did a feature post on Bret discussing his ability to combine art and function with the Tag format.

You can find more examples of Bret’s designs on our Facebook page.

#MMChat, Leveraging 2D Codes in Your Social Business Strategy

Social CMO image

On Monday Jeff Ashcroft of @TheSocialCMO invited Tag to be a part of their weekly #MMChat on Twitter. #MMChats are a great resource for marketers to learn about new trends and they generate some really great discussions. The chat gave the Tag team an opportunity to share our point-of-view on how Tag can be used in social business strategies. Jeff pulled together a transcript of the event and posted it here.

If you either attended or have any questions you would like to dig into, have anything to add, or like the topic and want to learn more feel free to take the discussion to our LinkedIn group.

Next Week

You know that weird feeling you get when you forget your cellphone at home? If you’re like me you kind of feel naked not having your trusty companion in your pocket all day. Next week, we’re exploring the personal connection we have with our mobile device and what it means for marketers trying to connect through mobile.

Do you have something to share relating to Tag or mobile? Drop in on Facebook and LinkedIn to talk about it. Want to engage with us right away? Find us on Twitter. Maybe we’ll be talking about you next week.


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