This Week in Tag: Measuring Scans

Nick Martin
Friday, Nov 04, 2011 at 2:00 PM

This week the team decided to give the community a better understanding of how to get the most value out of a 2D barcode campaign. Trying to decide on the right metrics to measure before launching a 2D barcode implementation can be a scary thought for many of us. So what better week to cover the topic than Halloween?

Austin exhibit image

Before I dive into this week’s topic, I want to share one of the most artistic uses of Tag I’ve ever seen. Lee Billington and Lisa Kaselak are running an art exhibit that pushes the boundaries of what a 2D barcode represents. The exhibit appears at first glance to be a wall of dots, but when viewers place a magnetic frame on the wall it creates scannable Tags that unlock videos of people sharing memories.

Lee and Lisa are sharing their creation at the Flatbed Gallery in Austin, Texas. The exhibit runs tomorrow and allows visitors the opportunity to create their own powerful memories in the process. If you get a chance, be sure to check it out.

Last Week’s Highlights

Top Conversations

One of the most common questions we hear from the community is, “How do I know if my campaign is successful? Are there any useful benchmarks I can look at?” The challenge is that what’s defined as a success can be different in every campaign depending on what kind of implementation it is. Here are a few resources and conversations that offers some guidance.

Community Showcase

The best part of my job is being able to check out the latest innovations from the community. I wish I could include everything, but I have to limit myself to just a couple highlights. Here’s what I chose for this week:

Roger Marquis, #TagChat

This week Roger Marquis shared some of his own best practices for executing and measuring 2D barcode campaigns on this week’s #TagChat. You can catch some more insights from Roger on his blog 2D-BarcodeStrategy.com , as well as in the video below from a “Future of Mobile Tagging” event held a few months ago:

The question that the community seemed most interested in hearing Roger’s response to was: “What does the 2D barcode space need to spur mass adoption?” You can check out Roger’s answer in its entirety here, but I’ll give you a few nuggets:

  • Smartphone adoption continues to rise, meaning more people are capable of scanning.
  • Consumers must repeatedly be exposed to campaigns that work well and advertisers should help educate their audiences on 2D codes.
  • If advertisers adhere to best practices to ensure seamless mobile experiences from end to end, adoption won’t be a problem.

Julian Wood, Using Tag to Spice Up The Classroom

Cow Tags image

As an advocate of fun-based learning, Julian has created some great experiences for his classrooms by integrating mobile technology. His most recent project consisted of adding Custom Tags as part of engaging board games. Making learning fun for students is a challenge, so maybe Julian is on to something by finding new and interesting ways for kids to interact with the world around them. You can read more about this approach on his blog.

Topic of the Week

Next week we are going to explore the differences between Tag and QR and what implications it has for marketers. It’s a week that is bound to spark some great debate and give us a glimpse at what the future of the 2D barcode space might hold.

Do you have something to share relating to Tag or mobile? Drop in on Facebook and LinkedIn to talk about it. Want to engage with us right away? Find us on Twitter. Maybe we’ll be talking about you next week!

Recent Comments
  • Julian S Wood

    11/18/2011 , 4:16 AM
    Thanks for the mention-Nick! Glad you linked my use of Tag in the classroom to 'fun-based' learning-a really important aspect of using MSTag was it's flexibilty to customise pictures. I've used QR aswell but you need a graphic design degree to customise! MSTag was simple and if my 6 year olds can do it-so can everyone else.


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