This Week in Tag: Location Based Marketing

Nick Martin
Friday, Nov 11, 2011 at 4:00 PM

Many of us are enjoying a day off for Veterans Day. Once you have taken time to pause and appreciate the significance of the day, maybe you’ll have enough time to reflect on some cool things that took place in the Tag community last week.

Last Week’s Highlights

Top Conversations

This week offered a great opportunity for our team to address some misnomers about our product. Maybe more importantly it allowed us to give some perspective on how 2D barcodes fit into one of the hottest topics in the mobile marketing world: location-based marketing.

Community Showcase

Although this week was a short one for many in the Community, we still managed to dish together some cool content:

Bret DaCosta, Hand-drawn Tag

hand drawn Tag image

I issued the challenge for Community members on Facebook and Bret delivered. Sometimes people view Tag as some super high-tech thing that might be too complicated to use. The beauty of Tag is the flexibility of the format that makes it a great medium for art. Maybe Bret’s work will spark some more artistic endeavors from the community in the future.

Robert Abiera, Real Time Location Tag

turkey Tag image

One of the great things about the Tag platform is that it has a ton of great features already built in. Instead of having to build an experience that changes based on where a scan takes place from scratch, Tag makes it easy with Real Time Location. Robert used a great custom Tag with built-in real time location to help Tag fans everywhere find the best Black Friday deals regardless of where they scan.

Do you have something to share relating to Tag or mobile? Drop in on Facebook and LinkedIn to talk about it. Want to engage with us right away? Find us on Twitter. Maybe we’ll be talking about you next week!


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