This Week in Tag: Emotional Connections to our Smartphones

Nick Martin
Friday, Oct 14, 2011 at 3:00 PM

This week we explored the idea that a consumer’s emotional connection to their smartphone can inform the way marketers and advertisers interact with people on the medium. The most eye opening thing we learned this past week is that mobile phone addiction may emerge as a sub-specialty in clinical psychology. With thousands of Blackberry users experiencing service disruptions this week I imagine researches probably garnered enough evidence to put mobile addiction on the fast track to establishing that sub-specialty!

Last Week’s Highlights

Top Conversations

We had some great insight into the mobile consumer psyche and what it means for marketing and advertisers. Here are a couple stats and anecdotes that are worth taking another look at:

CTIA Event Recap

The Tag team got an inside look at new trends in mobile technology at the CTIA conference this week; however, we didn’t attend for the sole purpose of getting up to speed on the latest in mobile. Tag also helped spice up the event experience with a contest.

CTIA image

Throughout the event, Tags were used by attendees to network with peers and exchange information while earning points. The most active participants gained enough points and were awarded with an Xbox 360 and Kinect.

CTIA poster image

Beyond the fact that winners will be spending this weekend cutting a rug playing Dance Central 2, the contest showed Tags ability to add value to the event-goers experience. Game dynamics aside, Tag was able to streamline the networking process by replacing archaic business cards with vCard Tags. The technology allowed peers to seamlessly exchange information and have it embedded directly to their smartphones. Tags on all the booths allowed curious attendees to learn what different booths had to offer and bookmark the info so they could revisit it later.

CTIA registration image

If you want some ideas on how to use Tag to optimize the value you get out of an event including garnering leads and list building, check out these best practices from Bill Finn of Boothtag.

Community Showcase

This week out Facebook page was buzzing! It’s great to see more and more Tag fans getting active and sharing their ideas. That said, here are a couple posts that caught my eye in the community this week:

Terence LLoren, Custom Tag

Artistic uses of Tag are always exciting to see. Because our 2D barcode can be customized to such extremes, there is a lot of room for creativity. This is the first series of Tags I’ve seen from the community that when put together form a larger image.

Tag collage image

Mobile Tagging Community, “What are the biggest limitations for 2D barcodes”

Our LinkedIn group has been generating some really great discussions as of late. You can regularly spot experts including Patrick Donnelly, Sean Bell and Stephanie True Moss giving their opinion on Tag and the entire 2D barcode space.

This week there was a spike in conversation around ideas for how to give a boost to Tag and QR. Some recommendations from marketers included better education, implementing clear standards and optimizing landing pages for mobile. If you’re looking for some best practices for your next Tag implementation, this discussion might be a good place to start.

Topic of the Week

Next week we are going to showcase advertising agencies that are taking an innovative approach to mobile marketing. Mobile has seen rapid growth over the last couple years and the agencies that get in front of the trend will likely receive big dividends as a result.

Here’s a quick stat to chew on over the weekend and get you ready for next week’s topic: Mobile marketing spending increased 75% from 2009-2010. That’s higher than any other medium over the same period.

Do you have something to share relating to Tag or mobile? Drop in on Facebook and LinkedIn to talk about it. Want to engage with us right away? Find us on Twitter. Maybe we’ll be talking about you next week!


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