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Nick Martin
Friday, Sep 30, 2011 at 3:00 PM

Every week the Tag team is diving into a topic that affects the success of a Tag implementation. This week we offered best practices and tips on creating a mobile user experience that stands out and gives your audience the right information and interface to engage at the right time. The topic allowed us to explore everything from popular apps to mobile web design tips and we even sprinkled in an awesome infographic that had absolutely nothing to do with mobile user experience, but who doesn’t love a great infographic, right?

The rest of this post is essentially a summary of conversations and highlights from around the web relating to mobile and 2D barcodes. In it, you will find opportunities to influence existing conversations and identify influencers in the space.

Here are some highlights from the week:

Community Showcase

I can always count on some creative Tag customizations to spice up our Facebook wall from these two. So this week since we focused so much on design, it’s only fitting that I share two Tags from the community that seemed particularly creative and well designed.

Bret DaCosta & Robert Abiera, Custom Tags

Bret and Robert Tags

Bret DaCosta’s has been a regular contributor on the Facebook page for some time now and has really shown how far customization of our 2D barcode can go – his custom Tag is on the left. Robert Abiera is relatively new on the scene, but has been creative in his approach to using Tag. If you are looking to start your day off with dose of creativity, look no further than our Facebook page and don’t be afraid to share something unique of your own.

Bill Finn & Eric Weymueller, Contributing to one of the most intense LinkedIn debates… ever

Bill and Eric image

I have learned two things so far in my tenure for Tag:

  1. There are a heap of misconceptions about the 2D barcode space because not a lot of people really understand it
  2. LinkedIn generates some of the most heated debates since Jerry Springer was the king of daytime television

Those two lessons converged last week in a discussion about the current state of the 2D barcode space on LinkedIn. The general premise of the debate: The Tag platform, meaning the software we provide to inform the digital experience that users see after a scan, is the best choice for marketers and advertisers that want to implement a sophisticated campaign because it’s an end-to-end solution, it’s free and it has built-in features such as Device ID and Real Time Location.

Bill and Eric chimed in with perspectives that did a great job putting the entire discussion into focus. You can view the whole discussion here, but to give you the essence of what you should take away from the debate I pulled a quote from both Bill and Eric respectively:

“It is incumbent on us all to focus on ease-of-use for the customer, and to provide solutions that deliver business value.” –Bill Finn

“You need the ‘high end,’ … mobile campaigns that include a QR or TAG to pull the ‘long tail’ along. I believe that if more effort to expand the Industry as a whole were applied, rather than sabre rattling between formats, we'd see stronger consumer adoption and more growth for All.” – Eric Weymueller

Well put. If you want more tidbits from Bill, check out his guest post for us about mobile engagement at events.

Highlights Around the Web

Last week there were a few very informational posts about 2D barcodes that give some great perspective on best practices.

SmallBizTechnology.com, Farhan Niazi, Your it! Tag Your Customers with Microsoft Tag

This is a great post for small and medium business that are looking for some innovative ways to engage their customers. If you’re looking for an objective outline to understand Tag, this article is a great place to begin (other than our site, of course).

RCRWireless, Interview with Brian Fleisher, Microsoft Tag

Here’s a quick interview with Tag’s Brian Fleisher, Senior Director of Product Management. In this interview, Brian highlights some of the most exciting implementations from around world. It’s definitely worthy of 3 minutes and 50 seconds of your day.

Barriers for 2D barcodes, Mobile Tagging Group on LinkedIn

I asked a few experts in 2D barcode to give us their perspectives on what are the biggest barriers to adoption for 2D barcodes. They shared their thoughts, so feel free to contribute your own!

Next Week

Next week we are switching things up and doing a deep dive on resolving the pain points that the retail industry is facing with mobile solutions.

As always, here’s a quick stat that gives you an idea how mobile is impacting retail in a big way:

“Two thirds of smart phone owners today have used their devices to make purchases and more than 80% have used them to assist in purchasing decisions through product research at least once in the past year.” –Study by L.E.K. Consulting

Do you have something to share relating to Tag or mobile? Drop in on Facebook and LinkedIn to talk about it. Want to engage with us right away? Find us on Twitter. Maybe we’ll be talking about you next week.


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