The Value of In-Store Mobile Marketing

Holly Richmond
Thursday, Apr 14, 2011 at 10:00 AM

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What’s the medium brick-and-mortar retailers are using more and more to personalize the in-store experience? If you guessed mobile, you’re right. Over half of the 100 retailers surveyed by Aberdeen Group said that, within the next two years, they plan on sending special offers to shoppers’ phones (while they’re in the store). The study, explored in-depth in Internet Retailer, also said that nearly half of retailers plan to target special offers by demographics like age, gender, ethnicity, and profession – and 22 percent do that already. Wow. In addition, “About 40 percent of surveyed retailers consider personalization of in-store shopping to be increasingly important to their overall marketing strategy,” the article said.


We’ve explored some ways Tag can help you personalize the in-store experience before, from offering instant coupons to helping shoppers determine which product is right for them. If you’re interested in making your customers’ in-store experience more relevant too, Tag’s real-time location feature can help (so check it out!).


Mobile Marketer also explored in-store personalization recently, in the luxury retail market in particular. “The luxury retail market is the ideal proving ground for in-store mobile media, thanks to luxury shoppers' demand for higher convenience, better service and unique shopping experiences,” begins author Duke Greenhill. He continues, “The best luxury brand strategies are those that are natural extensions of the consumer experience. Mobile media is, by definition, just that.” He says mobile has the potential to offer customers the following:

  • Instant gratification – a personal greeting as soon as s/he approaches the store
  • Anonymity – the privacy of a promotion appearing on your phone
  • Social aspects – reviews of items, and “Most Popular”
  • Geolocation – map and directions to the nearest store


Tag is one way to deliver directions, reviews, and promotions to your customers – and vary the experience based on whether they’re already inside your store. How do you think in-store mobile experiences should be delivered? Are we missing some good point of sale ideas? Let us know in the comments below or on Tag’s Facebook or Twitter pages.


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