The Future of Mobile Tagging

Elliott Lemenager
Wednesday, Jan 12, 2011 at 12:00 PM

The future of mobile tagging is so bright, you might have to wear shades. At least, that's the conclusion of “The Future of Mobile Tagging,” the new report just released by marketing-trend service PSFK.

PSFK mobile tagging report

The report was sponsored by Microsoft Tag and outlines trends in the mobile tagging space along with best practices; case studies from Tag, QR code, and other tagging technologies; and expert advice from marketers and advertisers.

Here’s how PSFK describes the report on its website:

PSFK’s latest ‘Future Of’ report presents key trends in the mobile tagging space, so as to inspire marketers and their creative agencies about their future use of technologies that include QR codes, barcodes and Microsoft Tags in their branding activity and communication campaigns.

Mobile tags offer a unique opportunity for brands and their agencies to interact with potential and existing customers. These two dimensional barcodes can be applied to almost any surface and the information contained within them can be leveraged to create incentives and drivers that lead consumers along the purchase path.

By bridging the online-offline divide with a click of a mobile phone button, mobile tags can drive a brand or product’s awareness. In this report we look at how companies are using competitions and gaming to engage a new audience.

The report covers six key topics on mobile tagging:

  1. Creative Uses 
  2. Awareness 
  3. Information Gathering
  4. Action/Purchase 
  5. Post-Purchase 
  6. How to Mobile Tag

Each topic contains multiple case studies showing how you can leverage mobile tagging in business as well as everyday life.

You can learn more and get your copy of the report here.

What do you think the future of mobile marketing holds? Let us know in the comments below or on Tag’s Facebook or Twitter pages.


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