Tags on Welding Products and Other News

Keith Caswell
Friday, Jul 15, 2011 at 11:43 AM

The next time you find yourself in the garage doing some welding and you find you need some instructional help, don’t fret! Tag has you covered. Find out how, and more, in this weeks mobile news roundup:


Tags and welding, together at last

File this under “Anything is possible”: our very own Microsoft Tags have begun appearing on—of all things—Lincoln Electric welding products. The company has included the barcodes on the sides of various welding and generator products as a way to provide users with helpful webpages and videos with operational tips, product specification sheets, and instruction manuals (among other things). We’d like to take this opportunity to say weld on, you crazy welders! (Automation World)

Barcode best practices

Tips about how to best use barcodes are like taking your vitamins: it could never hurt to have too many. With that in mind, NeoMedia has some best practices for you. Among them are not leaving the barcodes as an afterthought of your campaign, consider the placement of your barcodes, and always design with your consumer in mind. (Barcode News)

Using mobile tech to battle carmageddon

This weekend, the auto-centric City of Angels is going to be a snarled mess of traffic—well, more than it usually is anyway—because of a planned closure of the 405 Freeway. However, some mobile developers are taking this as more of an opportunity than an inconvenience. The mobile traffic app Waze is partnering with multiple organizations to provide real-time traffic data and alternate routes for drivers. The real question is, though, why can’t they do that all the time so that Los Angeles residents have an easier time getting around? (Mashable)

Direct response marketing with barcodes

It’s no secret that folks are addicted to their mobile phones. So what does this mean for your brand? Opportunity, of course! Mobile barcodes are a great way “to solicit specific and quantifiable response from consumers, taking the idea of a call to action to the next level,” according to Mobile Marketer. Mobile barcode scans can give brands immediate information about consumers’ demographics and locations, which will help marketers plan and adjust campaigns on an ongoing basis. (Mobile Marketer)

Is there something in the world of mobile that you think we should keep an eye on? Let us know about it in comments or on Facebook or Twitter!


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