Tags Help Identify Your Shopping Soundtrack

Holly Richmond
Friday, May 13, 2011 at 10:00 AM

Clothing Store Tagging


The right soundtrack in a retail store can lift the mood almost magically. Somebody starts to wiggle a little as they flip through the rack; someone else does a dressing-room dance. Mobile apps like Shazam can tell shoppers what song is playing, but using Tags can take it one step further and facilitate partnerships between retailers and the music industry.


A Tag in your retail store can help shoppers figure out what's playing, purchase the currently playing or recently played songs, and even tie in a mobile coupon. Scanning the Tag (with some explanatory signage nearby to explain why) could take customers to a mobile music player where they can listen to a snippet of the song and buy the mp3 in a partner's music store. The mobile experience could also offer a combined offer or discount so the shopper gets a clothing discount if she buys the song (or vice versa). Whether stores have a video display or not (as some coffee chains do), using a Tag means the end destination is easy to change – so the Tag never becomes obsolete.


Would you scan a Tag in a store to buy the song that was playing? Are there other ways retailers could use Tags to turn up your shopping buzz?


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