Tag Tip: Use Heat Maps to See Scan Locations

Nadia Aly
Thursday, Sep 16, 2010 at 11:00 AM

Microsoft Tag Heat Map


Did you know? Microsoft Tag Manager has a reporting tool called Heat Map, which shows you geographically where your Tag has been scanned. Check out the sample heat map in this blog.


The Heat Map tool uses Bing maps to plot the locations where your Tags are scanned and display the data on a map. You can scroll a continent or the globe, and zoom in on locations of interest to see more detail.


Heat maps can give you greater visibility into the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. For instance, if you were running advertising in national magazines, you could use heat maps to see where the ads are generating the most scans, and then target those geographies for additional promotion. That’s right, you can use Tag’s heat maps to do market research – for free.


How would you use heat maps with your Tags? Let us know your ideas in the comments or on Tag’s Facebook or Twitter pages.

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  • John

    09/22/2011 , 9:55 AM
    Does each tag have to be different in order for the locations to be correctly populated on the heat map? For example, a tag in Pittsburgh is the same as a tag or tags in 30 other locations. How does that data track if using the same MS Tag as the orginal Pittsburgh location tag? Thanks.


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