Tag Tip: Customize Your Tag

Nadia Aly
Wednesday, Oct 20, 2010 at 12:00 PM

One of the great benefits of using Microsoft Tag over other 2D barcodes is the ability to customize your Tag. Why would you want to customize? To add branding, logos, pictures, or other images that help keep your branding consistent and visible, no matter where you put the Tag.

Microsoft custom Tags

Check out the cool examples above. You can see that different designers have done different things with their custom Tags. For example, some of the Tags incorporate small dots while others have geometric shapes, and one has no visible dots at all.

How do you customize Tags? Take a look at the screenshot below. You see this screen when you render your Tag image within Tag Manager. To create a custom Tag, you must click the Custom option. As you can see, a custom Tag looks different than a basic Tag because it uses small colored dots instead of the triangles. Once you have the Tag, you can create artwork around the dots, which allows the Tag to be scanned while providing an attractive visual image.

Custom Tag dialog in Tag Manager

Try it out! Show us your custom Tags on our Facebook or Twitter pages.


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