Tag Tip: Analyze Your Tag’s Performance

Nadia Aly
Thursday, Oct 21, 2010 at 10:00 AM

One of the great things about Microsoft Tag is that you can get actual metrics showing how well your mobile campaign is doing, and use the data to fine-tune your approach. And Tag’s reporting tools are free – hard to beat that!

Tag Manager provides several ways to analyze your Tags. To get started, click on the Reports link (see below) to access the tools.

Tag Manager Reports

Once you’re on the Reports screen, you’ll see a variety of options for evaluating your Tag’s performance:

Tag Manager Reports

Heat Map

The Heat Map plots all the locations where your Tag has been scanned around the globe, so you can see where your campaigns are resonating with consumers. It's integrated with Bing Maps, so you can zoom in, down to the street level, to see exactly where a Tag was scanned. The Tag drop-down menu lets you switch between Tags to compare their performance.

Microsoft Tag Heat Map

Daily Scans

The second analytics function is Daily Scans. With this option, you see a graph showing daily scans for a particular Tag. If you mouse over a single day, you see a popup of the actual scan numbers for that day. You can also export your data into an Excel file. This tool is a great way to analyze what’s working and what’s not, or why some days have better scan rates than others.

Microsoft Tag Daily Scan Report

Scan Totals

The third option for Tag reporting is to look at Scan Totals, which charts the total number of scans for each Tag category over the lifetime of the Tag or during a specific timeframe. This is helpful if you have multiple Tags and categorized them for specific campaigns or promotions.

Microsoft Tag Scan Totals report

The final options for analysis are pretty much the same as those above, just with different filtering options:

Scan Totals By Category
Charts the total number of scans for each of your categories.

Daily Scans (Multiple Tags)
Charts the number of scans per day for multiple selected Tags in a category.

Daily Scans (Category Totals)
Charts the total of scans per day for all the Tags in a category.

Daily Scans (Compare Categories)
Compares the total number of daily scans for different categories.

What do you think of Tag’s reporting capabilities? Let us know in the comments below or on Tag’s Facebook or Twitter pages.


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