Tag’s website gets a new look!

Nicole Peterson
Thursday, Jul 21, 2011 at 10:00 AM

As you may have noticed, our new site has gone through some pretty major changes recently. We’ve updated with a clean look and added lots of new information to enable you to learn about and make the most of Tag.

Tag gets a new site

Here’s a quick tour of what’s new on the site:

  • What is Tag – Check this section out to get information on mobile marketing, Tag’s features and how Tag compares to QR codes. We’ve also added a special section on Custom Tags with plenty of examples.

  • Tag in Action – We’ve organized this to highlight who is using Tag, ideas for implementing Tag in your campaigns and how Tag can be used by specific industry.

  • Community – This is where our beloved blog lives (clearly you’ve discovered that if you are reading this), but keep your eyes out for new features we’ll be adding in the future!

  • Resources – Check here for help with implementing Tags, best practices and a list of Featured Partners we’ve worked with in the past to create great Tag campaigns. We also have downloadable content for you to reference on specific topics, including a presentation that can be used to educate people in your organization about why they should use Tag.

  • Developers – We’ve built on our previous Developer section to add more in-depth content around employing Tag’s features and our API, and we’ve also updated our documentation.

  • Press – This is a brand new part of our site that includes a Press Kit, links to recent coverage and a Fact Sheet that gives the quick info on Tag.

We listened to your feedback about the previous site and worked hard to make our new one even better and easier to use. We hope that you find it useful and love it as much as we do. Send us your thoughts on Facebook or via Twitter.


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