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Caroline Gilmour
Thursday, Mar 17, 2011 at 9:00 AM


Presentation with Tag



Today’s conference presentations aren’t as stilted as they used to be – remember when it was mainly bullet points and graphs and maybe a fancy slide transition?


Speakers are now more willing (and able) to spice up their presentations with video, animation, and voice-overs, and even go a little crazy with live demonstrations and exhibits. But it’s still a bit 2D and not very interactive. But how could it be any different?


With Microsoft Tag, you can literally put the content into the hands of your audience at any point in the presentation. Tags can prime attendees before they arrive for the event, give visitors the intel they need to navigate around a conference, and provide scintillating, mobile content even while the audience is watching the presentation. Creating and using Tags is free, and you can even create custom Tags that reflect your brand or the conference.


Get the word out. Your audience will be more receptive if they’ve been prepped prior to the presentation. Before the conference, you could provide a Tag through the conference materials, social networks, or your own network that links to relevant content that will have your audience wanting more, thus driving people to your session and the conference overall.


For example, you could ask a simple question and tell visitors they’ll get the answer when they arrive. You could even ask them to answer it beforehand, as a kind of pre-event straw poll, or you could record a video message that tells them what kind of event to expect.


Make sure they’re ready to use Tag. Encourage your audience to download the Tag app beforehand, and give them a brief explanation of what Tags are and the value they will add to the event.


Ask conference organizers to use Tag. Tags can help attendees navigate their way around the conference. Wherever there’s a poster or a signpost, include a Tag. This Tag can give attendees timetables, maps, descriptions – all the info you normally include in a welcome pack. Tags could even help them organize their schedule via their smartphone.


Link to rich mobile content. You could interlace your presentation with content that the audience can access while you talk, or you could direct them to "more info" afterward. If you use mobile content while you speak, you should present the Tag before the audience sits down, then point them to content during the presentation. You could, for example, include more detailed descriptions of your subject, include statistics, add video, ask the audience’s opinion of the latest slide, or take a poll.


Alternatively, you could display the Tag at the end of the presentation on-screen and in printed collateral, so visitors can explore more information at their leisure. You can offer them the entire presentation, or even design your own mobile site that makes the subject come alive with video, animation, polls, etc. Make the Tag prominent on the last slide and explain what it is, so no one misses it. You could even link to a business card via your Tag, so visitors automatically have your contact details in their phones.


Change content over time. Your Tag doesn’t always have to link to the same stuff; Microsoft Tag’s dynamic technology lets you update the content behind a Tag anytime. So you could edit the content over time, enabling attendees to grab updated info about your presentation or campaign at a later date. This is a great way to keep your content fresh and top-of-mind with your audience, helping to build a lasting relationship. Similarly, one Tag could be used in multiple places (check out Real-Time Location ) and within multiple presentations on the same topic.


Collect feedback. Want to know how your presentation went? Tags can connect to back-end evaluation systems, so your audience can provide feedback from their mobile phones. Microsoft Tag Manager also provides reporting tools that tell you how often and where the Tag was scanned, so you can determine the popularity of your content.


What do you think? How would you like to see Tag used for presentations and conferences? Let us know in the Comments below or on Tag’s Facebook or Twitter pages.


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