Tag Makes Car-Shopping Easier

Holly Richmond
Friday, Mar 25, 2011 at 11:00 AM

Car Dealership Tag



If you run a car dealership, you don’t want confused customers – wandering the lot aimlessly, scribbling down miles per gallon. And you definitely don’t want them to leave before you close the sale, right? Or maybe you’ve been the confused car-hunter, peering in car windows, just trying to determine which models have those toasty seat-warmers. Car-shopping is an ordeal; no two ways about it.


Enter this week’s mockup, Tags for car dealerships. Tags can make things easier for customers and simultaneously boost business. Putting a Tag next to each car’s description and MPG can instantly connect shoppers with more details, so they don’t have to poke around on their mobile phone or try to jot everything down to look up online later. Custom Tags can even incorporate the car dealership’s name or logo.


Here are a few ideas of how Tags can make the car-shopping experience easier – and give the shopper the info he needs to make a purchase. The Tag could link to a mobile-optimized site and…

  • List features that may not be obvious (see: seat warmers)
  • Display things the customer wants to look up already (like the Kelley Blue Book value)
  • Suggest similar cars on the lot that the customer might also be interested in
  • Point to other customers’ reviews of the model


 Car Dealership Mobile Experience


If the customer scans the Tag on a car she’s interested in, but she wants additional features or a slightly different model, the Tag could even provide directions to the dealership’s closest location with her desired car, thanks to geolocation.


Helping the customer find more info about a certain model – or highlighting other cars of interest – can make him feel more comfortable buying one then and there, even if salespeople are swamped on a busy Saturday. Check out our outdoor store mockup for another example of linking in-store products to detailed specifications.


What do you think? Can mobile tagging make the car-shopping experience better? What about other point-of-sale ideas? Let us know in the comments below or on Tag’s Facebook or Twitter pages.


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